The Enclave

The Enclave mixes it up with crazy smart and crazy fun in the Colorado Springs remote work and freelance scene.
Bonus: An alphabetized cereal bar!

The Enclave

The Enclave

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Website: The Enclave

Address: 2121 Academy Cir, Suite 104, Colorado Springs, CO 80909

Phone: (719) 428-5582

Uniform: If you’re not wearing an octopus costume on a daily basis, you’re doing it wrong.

Music: All Pandora all the time!

Beer: Breckenridge, Odell, New Belgium, Bristol – anything that is delicious and not crap.

Tech toy: Lightsaber, plush turret and companion cube, Lego Minecraft, lolcatz fridge magnets, nerf guns

Reading material: Wired

Lunch spot: English Dockside and Schlotzsky’s are nearby and just over the hill are Texas Roadhouse and Jose Muldoon’s

Television series: Dr. Who, Fringe, Falling Skies, Star Trek

Extracurricular: Rockband, Cards Against Humanity, beer at one of our awesome local breweries, movie nights (either in-house or at the theater)

Meetup: CocoaHeads, Embedded Systems Meetup, PySprings, Springs.rb and Enclave Discussions

Favorite social media: Twitters, Campfires and the Facebooks

Icon: GLaDOS

Misfit: Those who tend to keep to themselves and are not interested in being part of a seriously awesome coworking community of incredibly gifted people need not apply — not that you have to apply.

Grab bag: We have an alphabetized cereal bar! Who doesn’t like cereal? Especially cereal that has been alphabetized? You should hear half the discussions in this place. We have some incredible and amazing people.