The Desk

Sleek, stylish and ambient, The Desk offers a chill space without the librarian shush.

The Desk

The Desk

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Website: The Desk

Address: 230 East 13th Avenue, Denver, Colorado 80203

Phone: (303) 832-0868

Uniform: Casual but stylish

Music: nujazz, rock and roll, ambient

Beer: All local – depends on the week the selection changes.

Favorite digital tool or app: Our custom reservation app

Reading list: Entrepreneur, Metropolis, 442, Westword, The Economist

Lunch spot: Subculture, City ‘o City

Extracurricular: Happy hour

Favorite social networks: Twitter, Facebook

Meetup: Makers & Doers, The Art of Business

Misfit: Someone who needs library silence and does not own a pair of headphones