Industrial entropy and the future of work

Graeme Thickins | via Flickr

The technology industry has changed sides. After decades as an ally of the multinational corporation -- enabling scale and conferring competitive advantage -- the accelerating pace of technology change has reached a point where most large organizations can no longer keep up. -- Chris Devore

The best of Denver Startup Week

A six-day, beer-soaked celebration in Denver of all things startup—scalable, replicable and often technical solutions to defined customer needs.

TechStars goes Hollywood

“Television! Teacher, mother, secret lover.” Whether entrepreneurs echo the sentiments of La-Z-Boy philosopher Homer Simpson remains to be seen. But Bloomberg TV is betting big that there’s an audience for startup drama, epic pivots…

New at Tekhne: Meet our community event calendar

Today, Tekhne rolls out a state-wide community calendar for Colorado-based startups, technology and innovation events. Now open for business. Add those event…

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Chris Marker’s La Jetée and Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth walk into a bar.…