Defrag 2013′s most exciting/scary ideas


The most exciting ideas are also the scariest because they are the most disruptive: They also have the greatest capacity to change our lives.

How to live in the future – now – with Amber Case

Amber Case

Amber Case, cyborg anthropologist who works at software company Esri, isn’t waiting for the future - she’s living in it.

She is surrounded by electronic devices, but those devices don’t control her: They step out of the way and let Case be a better human.

DefragCon 2012: Accelerating the ‘aha’ moment

The Upstart crew — Vanessa, Kelly, Josh and Wendy — are gearing up for wall-to-wall coverage of the annual near-term data technology trends confab #DefragCon Wednesday and Thursday. Plus, the human-computer interaction revolution at BlurCon Friday.