David Cohen: How to get into Tech Stars

David Cohen tells Starto TV about this year’s group of Tech Stars Founders and how to improve your chances of getting accepted into the accelerator that’s harder to get into than Harvard.

The best of Denver Startup Week

A six-day, beer-soaked celebration in Denver of all things startup—scalable, replicable and often technical solutions to defined customer needs.

The Startup Ecosystem: Predator vs Prey

So, yeah, we're a landlocked state and these creatures only exist in the aquarium or on a dinner plate but work with me here. This infographic is actually dishing up some wisdom from under the sea to our high desert plain startup ecosystem.

Kauffman Sketchbook: StartupVille

The Kauffman Foundation takes a crack at illustrating "The Boulder Thesis," the framework developed by Foundry Group VC Brad Feld on how to create a sustainable, vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Flobots and $40K kick off Denver Startup Bash

240 companies. 1100 people. $40,000 raised. Not too shabby for the inaugural Denver Startup…

Best of #BSW12 Poll: Coffee Shops for Startups

Who plays the biggest role in Boulder’s informal incubator scene for supporting startups through space (and free wireless) to work? Take the poll and salute your favorite hub for caffeine-fueled entrepreneurs.…

Infographic: Boulder is for startups

Boulder is for startups

An awesome poster of the Boulder startup scene by Applied Trust (hint: they’re…

Myths busted: VCs and angels tell all on Colorado startups

A haven for skiers, mountain bikers and microbrews. That's how people outside the state often perceive Colorado—and the people who live and work here. But is the state's work hard/play hard culture masking its place as a breeding ground for serious entrepreneurial talent?