How to hack a startup hackathon: 54 shirts. 54 hours


Guest blogger @ideavist shares an intriguing idea for budding entrepreneurs participating in hackathons.

Test your startup concept in the wild with real sales. No net. No safety harness. No fancy code.

10 teams compete for Startup Weekend bragging rights


The teams are closing in on 54 hours of rapid-fire ideation, tough customer love, a few early successes and some unexpected setbacks. Who will stand supreme at the Boulder Startup Weekend finish line?

32 teams vie for Startup Weekend Boulder prizes

SWBoulder checkin

From a roving robot dog poop scooper dubbed the "Poomba" to electronic medical record systems for vehicles, homes and pets, Startup Weekend Boulder got off to a rousing start to build a company from concept to prototype in 54 hours.

Startup Weekend Boulder Teams that MADE THE CUT

Boulder Startup Weekend

Welp, we went from 32 pitches down to 10 teams and that folks, is how the Startup Weekend cookie crumbles.

The Best of Denver Startup Weekend

Denver Startup Weekend kicked off Friday and sent 10 teams on a 54-hour frenzy to build prototypes and convince an all-star panel of entrepreneur judges that their products have viable business models.

Startup Weekend Denver: Final pitches

Nine Startup Weekend Denver teams worked feverishly last weekend at Uncubed to conceive and launch a company in just 54 hours. They now join 300 other teams and 35,000 alumni in 91 countries as…

Startup Weekend Denver: In pictures

Sixty people. Nine teams. Fifty four hours. A lot of beer. Start a company. In a weekend.…

Startup Weekend Denver: Check Your Fence

Network security is like that one loose fence post with the mean dog behind it. One false move and you risk getting bit in the…