Defrag 2012: The New Face of Social Customer Experience: Engagement at Scale

"Social Business by Design" author Dion Hinchcliffe (@dhinchcliffe) emphasizes the importance of social media in enterprise.

What food trucks can teach startups on customer engagement

Upscale food trucks are tasty. That goes without saying. But they also serve as real-life examples of the art of hustle on wheels. Building reputation, multi-modal outreach strategies, and anticipating customer needs on the fly offer great lessons for virtual and brick-and-mortar startups.

How we built it: The Waldo Canyon Fire app

Waldo Canyon Fire

Scott Seibold and Robbie Trencheny are first responders of a different sort.

BlogFrog doubles down on influence marketing and Colorado startups

What does a startup do with a $3.2 million Series A? Load up the truck and head to Beverly Hills, Clampett-style? Or create a whole new money-making product out of Web 2.0 black gold—the…

Gary Vaynerchuk: Applying the “Thank You Economy” to your startup

Sage advice by wine entrepreneur and social media expert Gary Vaynerchuk on building your business through social media with honesty and…

Infographic: The cost of Facebook marketing

The “Link Economy” has made way for the “Like Economy.” Find out how Facebook fan page advertising works, the costs and cautions in this new…

Connected: Whole-brained logic / Half-baked construct

Chris Marker’s La Jetée and Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth walk into a bar.…