Why schools need to teach programming

A cavalcade of tech superstars recount their first time programming. Awww. Sure, it's cute. But the underlying theme is nothing less than frightening for U.S. innovation.

Defrag 2012: The Arab Spring of Software: Developers Are the New Kingmakers

A keynote from Cisco's Laura Cooney and Redmonk's Donnie Berkholtz on the factors that have turned developers into the new kingmakers, what those kingmakers want, and how companies are responding.

The Startup Ecosystem: Predator vs Prey

So, yeah, we're a landlocked state and these creatures only exist in the aquarium or on a dinner plate but work with me here. This infographic is actually dishing up some wisdom from under the sea to our high desert plain startup ecosystem.

How we built it: The Waldo Canyon Fire app

Waldo Canyon Fire

Scott Seibold and Robbie Trencheny are first responders of a different sort.

Local devs crush HackDenver 24-hour API challenge

An API free-for-all this weekend launched mobile apps to mine contact list intelligence, track stock market sentiment, wage a real-time battle on I-70 ski traffic and more.…

How to make a community liveable in 36 hours: Hold a civic hackathon

Developers, designers, UI experts, data nerds and policy wonks converge on Denver this weekend for the first 36-hour marathon Code for Communities civic hackathon.…

Deprecating despair in a ghetto of code

It was easily the geekiest Boulder Startup Week event but one that can have the biggest impact on the long-term success of a tech startup: Fixing code held together with duct tape, half-chewed gum…

Mozilla Open News Fellowship: Write code. See the world.

Knight Mozilla Open News Fellowship

Ten months. Fully paid. Live in one of the world’s top cities. Sure it sounds like a pitch for a reality TV show but it’s actually a global news technology…