The Rise of the Citizen Explorer


Affordable, modular robots powered by open-source code is heralding a new era of discovery dubbed The Golden Age of Curiosity, says David Lang, the co-founder of OpenROV.

Defrag 2012: The Arab Spring of Software: Developers Are the New Kingmakers

A keynote from Cisco's Laura Cooney and Redmonk's Donnie Berkholtz on the factors that have turned developers into the new kingmakers, what those kingmakers want, and how companies are responding.

Mozilla Open News Fellowship: Write code. See the world.

Knight Mozilla Open News Fellowship

Ten months. Fully paid. Live in one of the world’s top cities. Sure it sounds like a pitch for a reality TV show but it’s actually a global news technology…

Startup Weekend Denver: Check Your Fence

Network security is like that one loose fence post with the mean dog behind it. One false move and you risk getting bit in the…

Build social change tech, win cash prize

Have a bent for developing open source technology that can save the world? Need an extra $10,000 in your pocket? Read on.…