Big P privacy in the Era of Smaller Things

Dave Makes | Creative Commons via Flickr

The abstraction layer between user and company exists now without the obligation of small p and big P privacy. One option: Put humans back between the layer to integrate moral [read: human, not machine] privacy decisions.

Identity and intent — The next big thing for tech startups

Internet Identity

The balance between identity and privacy is easier and harder than you think. The biggest challenge is taking the leap of faith of good intentions.

Unpacking Data’s Baggage: Lessons from Airport Security


Big Data is worthless until a scalable and accurate process for generating insights is improved and refined.

The looming battle over your identity


According to Ray Wang of Constellation Research, a battle is coming. The battlefield? You, and your fragmented, split-personality identities. The major armies? Google, Amazon, Apple and Microsoft -- the four companies that can control both hardware and the cloud and, most important, the interface between them.

The identity manifesto

R. Ray Wang presents at DefragCon 2013

R. Ray Wang of Constellation Research explores the next big challenge in user-facing technology: Trading identity for convenience.

You heard it here first: Trends, predictions emerge from GlueCon

big data

First mover advantage comes from exploring the worm hole of new technologies. It doesn’t get quite as much as ink but the GlueCon insights on big data, APIs and mobile are some of the…

‘moot’ on identity and anonymity

4chan and Canvas founder Chris “moot” Poole discusses the need for pseudonymity online as a richer method of capturing the multifacted nature of our personas. As the line between online and offline is becoming increasingly…