Hack4Colorado takes aim at quality of life apps


The hackathon gauntlet has been thrown down. Hack4Colorado attracted a record 260 people hacking civic apps to improve Colorado's health and wellness, sports and fitness, tourism, sustainability, veterans and education.

How to hack a startup hackathon: 54 shirts. 54 hours


Guest blogger @ideavist shares an intriguing idea for budding entrepreneurs participating in hackathons.

Test your startup concept in the wild with real sales. No net. No safety harness. No fancy code.

Local devs crush HackDenver 24-hour API challenge

An API free-for-all this weekend launched mobile apps to mine contact list intelligence, track stock market sentiment, wage a real-time battle on I-70 ski traffic and more.…

Secret street map data, risky cycling routes best Denver civic hackathon

Hacking more liveable communities was the theme of Denver’s first civic hackathon. Six teams participated in the Code For Communities contest and the competition was fierce.…

How to make a community liveable in 36 hours: Hold a civic hackathon

Developers, designers, UI experts, data nerds and policy wonks converge on Denver this weekend for the first 36-hour marathon Code for Communities civic hackathon.…

Where are Colorado’s tech women?

Mayday! Mayday! Incoming! Sound the alarms! That’s what I hear in my head when I walk into a local hackathon as the only woman in the room.…

36 teams pitch at Startup Weekend Denver

The extreme startup competition was a throw down of 60-second pitches and an epic battle of…