Winning = Designers (not aestheticians) + Developers

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For Heroku’s Oren Teich, a world completely chewed, swallowed and digested by software means a world with hidden - yet discoverable - pockets of value. How can we uncover that value? Delight. How can we hone our delight-finding skills? Design.

The best of Denver Startup Week

A six-day, beer-soaked celebration in Denver of all things startup—scalable, replicable and often technical solutions to defined customer needs.

The Startup Ecosystem: Predator vs Prey

So, yeah, we're a landlocked state and these creatures only exist in the aquarium or on a dinner plate but work with me here. This infographic is actually dishing up some wisdom from under the sea to our high desert plain startup ecosystem.

The effect of the creative technologist

In his essay on the effects of the “creative technologist” in the work force, Igor Clark makes a strong case against the proliferation of creative types in fields such as programming and coding. At…