Software is eating the data center

Nutanix slidedeck at DefragCon | @GraemeThickins via Twitter.

Smarter software is "crushing the stack" by offering new ideas about data storage hardware as fast, cheap and kinda dumb. The VM cloud turns to fog, says Nutanix's @anjan.

Defrag 2012: The Arab Spring of Software: Developers Are the New Kingmakers

A keynote from Cisco's Laura Cooney and Redmonk's Donnie Berkholtz on the factors that have turned developers into the new kingmakers, what those kingmakers want, and how companies are responding.

You heard it here first: Trends, predictions emerge from GlueCon

big data

First mover advantage comes from exploring the worm hole of new technologies. It doesn’t get quite as much as ink but the GlueCon insights on big data, APIs and mobile are some of the…

Big data, APIs get spotlight at GlueCon 2012

[View the story "The Best of GlueCon 2012" on…

Big data tools meet the real world

Pete Warden on Cassandra, fear, popularity and Big…

Simple, open mobile

Kimber Lockhart of challenges enterprise operations to think differently about mobile… Where do we go from here?

Moving to the cloud is not only a technical challenge it’s also a human motivation puzzle, says ViaWest’s Jason Carolan.…

UPDATED: Steven VanRoekel, CIO, U.S. Government speaks

There are no white gloves and gowns at this debut but it still marks an important coming-of-age story for America. Steven VanRoekel makes his first public appearance as since being named by President Barack Obama…