Defrag 2013′s most exciting/scary ideas


The most exciting ideas are also the scariest because they are the most disruptive: They also have the greatest capacity to change our lives.

Toward economic security monitoring infrastructure

Joseph Reisinger | DefragCon

Joseph Reisinger of challenged DefragCon on the notion of infallible Big Data to understand non-tech data points, like macroeconomic and human development metrics. And thus a meme was born "Dividing by Bieber."

Unpacking Data’s Baggage: Lessons from Airport Security


Big Data is worthless until a scalable and accurate process for generating insights is improved and refined.

You heard it here first: Trends, predictions emerge from GlueCon

big data

First mover advantage comes from exploring the worm hole of new technologies. It doesn’t get quite as much as ink but the GlueCon insights on big data, APIs and mobile are some of the…

Big data, APIs get spotlight at GlueCon 2012

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TechStars alum Precog scores $2 million Series A funding

Boulder-based data analytics startup Precog has secured a $2 million Series A financing round, the company announced today at the cloud computing/big data nerdfest GlueCon.…

Colorado takes a big data play from ‘Moneyball’


Governing Magazine reports: The hit movie details how the Oakland Athletics baseball team analyzed patterns and huge sets of data to improve their record. Colorado is doing the same to improve public…