HUB Boulder

Life according to HUB Boulder: The teachings of Yoda, long walks on the Boulder creek beach and ‘getting shit done’, all in the comfort of a nice flannel.

HUB Boulder

HUB Boulder

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Address: 1877 Broadway, Suite 100, Boulder, CO

Phone: (303) 629-2899

Uniform: Boulder business (button-ups, flannel, t-shirts).

Music: Broken Social Scene, Bob Marley, Avett Brothers, Lumineers and then some

Beer: Avery, Left Hand, Boulder Beer

Tech toy: Ubooly

Favorite digital tool or app: Repportive

Reading list: Fast Company, Origin, Local Dollars Local Cents and Fifth Discipline… to name just a few!

Lunch spot: in the HUB Kitchen, Lindsey’s Deli, Kitchen Next Door

Television series: Who has time for TV? Go outside or get shit done

Extracurricular: biking, rock climbing, pot lucks, “wine down”, long walks on the beach (of Boulder creek)

Favorite social network: LinkedIn Group

Meetup: Sustainable Venture Meetup

Icon: Yoda

Misfit: Someone who does not care about making the world a better place!

Grab bag: HUB Boulder is a community of impact focused individuals, entrepreneurs, businesses and non-profits. We take a holistic approach to life, taking care of our mind and body to make sure we bring our whole selves to work as change agents everyday. We are where people come to get shit done, but are careful not to take life too seriously. You can find lazer harps, colorful chalk, frisbees and bouncy balls among our office supplies.