Epicentral Coworking

At Epicentral Coworking in Colorado Springs, you’ll find a hip vibe that embraces new ideas, new technology and new spaces.



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Website: Epicentral.org

Address: 409 North Tejon Street, Suite 106, Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Phone: (719) 641-7777

Uniform: Comfy and hip, but please be a dear and wear your shoes

Music: The early bird chooses the tunes, but reggae Friday is mandatory

Beer: Bristol

Tech toy: a member recently brought in a 3D printer, we rocked it

Favorite digital tool or app: Instagram and Vine

Reading list: Drive, Rework, Fast Company, the Economist, the Independent

Lunch spot: Enjoy a plethora of delicious lunch options within blocks. Some of our favorites: Poor Richards, Rasta Pasta, and Tony’s. We’re also pretty positive we see the Jimmy Johns delivery guy in the building at least once a day.

Television series: Who has time for tv?

Extracurricular: Choose your sport – we’re a few blocks away from a variety of trails and parks

Favorite social networks: Facebook, G+, LinkedIn

Meetup: PVG Pitch Night, StartUp Colorado Springs Coffee Club, and Maker Meetup

Icon: The crested crane, of course! They are thought to be immortal symbols of strong relationships. And they’re great dancers.

Misfit: People who want things to stay the same….we change the furniture layout on a regular basis. The music is rarely the same. And we repurpose spaces as needed.

Grab bag: Our motto: Work hard and do good. We understand that different people need different spaces to do different kinds of work. At Epicentral, we have too many different types of spaces to count. We have loud spaces and quiet spaces, a focus room and a lounge room, and a meditation place and an eating place, not to mention meeting rooms and phone booths.