DurangoSpace loves big screens, local Italian eateries and just about every social network you can think of.



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Website: DurangoSpace

Phone Number: (970) 828-1340

Address: 1221 Main Avenue Durango, CO

Uniform: Casual dress, comfortable shoes, seasonal (sweaters in winter, shorts and/or short sleeves in summer)

Music: We have subscription to Pandora, with various channels playing during business day.

Beer: Ska Brewing (local Durango micro brewery): True Blonde, Steel Toe Stout, seasonal beers

Tech toy, digital tool/app: DurangoSpace has two 46″ flat screen Sony presentation screens, with 15′ connection & sound plug in for presentations from laptops and/or iPads. We also feature dual band 10Bps+ Internet, accessed by our wireless network or Ethernet.

Magazines: Fast Company

Lunch spots: Guido’s, our neighborhood Italian market and bistro.

Television/web series: Hmmm…..people still have time to watch TV?

Extracurricular: Each Friday, DurangoSpace hosts a winedown for our members.

Social network: Our members and staff at DurangoSpace use Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and (limited) Google Plus. Probably Twitter for our “go to” social network.

Meetup: Everyday coworking at DurangoSpace.

Icon: Mark Fei, long-time DurangoSpace member

Why we rock: DurangoSpace is coworking in Durango. We have created the brand, space and innovative work environment for independent workers, telecommuters, freelancers and mobile professionals.