Creative Density

Distinguishing features of this Uptown Denver coworking space: Flip flops, yard games and an unrequited love for Ira Glass.

Creative Density

Creative Density

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Address: 1719 Emerson St., Denver, CO 80218

Phone: (720) 295-1798

Uniform: Jeans, t-shirt and flip-flops. We keep it casual, but not smelly.

Music: Indie Alternative. We constantly relive the 1990s and early 2000s

Beer: Upslope and DPA

Tech toy: Tech toys are great, but we play yard games the most.

Favorite digital tool or app: Trello

Reading list: Fast Company, Business Week, The Economist,

Lunch spot: Marczyk Deli

Television series: Game of Thrones

Extracurricular: Grilling at City Park

Favorite social networks: Twitter

Meetups hosted: Denver Founders, Colorado Community Managers

Icon: Ira Glass

Misfit: Amway Sales