Colab Boulder


Among its many attributes, Colab Boulder boasts the best food and tequila in the universe, or at least within walking distance.



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Website: Colab

Address: 1035 Pearl St., Suite 226, Boulder, CO

Phone: (720) 295-7253

Uniform: Casual

Music: Varied, Chill, Contemporary

Beer: Colorado Craft Beer

Tech toy: Computers mostly

Reading list: Wired

Lunch spot: The kitchen next door, Tahona, Press Play, West Flanders

Television series: Walking Dead, Dr Who

Extracurricular: Happy Hour

Favorite social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin

Meetup: Boulder County Business Builders, Boulder Beer Meetup

Misfit: Beiber fan

Grab bag: CoWorking space in the heart of Downtown Boulder. CREATE, COLLABORATE, WORK, PLAY, MEET, BUILD, INNOVATE, REPEAT. Nestled in the heart of downtown Boulder, Colorado, Colab Boulder offers co-working / shared office space in a great location for a reasonable price. The purpose is to give businesses an opportunity to create connections in the local Boulder community. It offers the enjoyment of working with others in a fun and easy going atmosphere. We will host events for members, as well as, coordinate local activities. It’s meant to be a great way to build your reputation and network to help build your business.