Cohere Community

What’s notable at Cohere Community in Old Town Fort Collins: Ironic hats, 300 microbrews and seed bombs.

Cohere Community

Cohere Community

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Website: Cohere

Address: 418 S Howes Suite 300, Ft Collins, CO 80521

Phone: (970) 682-4979

Uniform: Colorado business uniform: jeans, t-shirt, argyle sweater or ironic hat

Music: Whatever comes out of your headphones

Beer: Equinox, Pateros Creek and any of the other 300 microbrews that come around every week

Tech toy: We lust after many but have few

Favorite digital tool or app: All of the apps in the whole world

Reading list: Hmmmmmmm

Lunch spot: The 415, Pickle Barrel & Mayor of Old Town

Television series: Hmmmmmmm

Extracurricular: Bikes, Beers and Bands + pancakes every month

Favorite social networks: MySpace! Totally. Followed by LinkedIn. Not.

Meetup: Cohere Community Meetups

Grab bag: We vend seed bombs so we can revitalize the ugly railroad tracks in Old Town. Buy a bomb made of soil and seeds, toss it and wait for wildflowers to grow!