Co-Motion Boulder

Co-Motion Boulder sports rainbows and handcrafted kegs. And the workspace is pretty awesome too.

Co-Motion Boulder

Co-Motion Boulder

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Website: Co-Motion Boulder

Address: 3200 Carbon Place, Suite 101, Boulder, CO

Phone: (720) 509-9214

Uniform: Standard Boulder attire – whatever works for your work

Music: Eclectic – Gershwin to Green Day to Dave Grisman

Beer: Local Microbrews – and occasionally we are blessed with handcrafted kegs by Trevor from BlackCat Brewing!

Tech toy: iPhones – we are busy with our businesses here

Lunch spot: Walk to Whole Foods or the 29th Street Food Zone

Meetup: We host Boulder Women Developers, Boulder WordPress Developers and Boulder Web Designers, and we also have fun stuff like Boulder Storytelling Night

Icon: Steve Jobs for the “aluminum heads” around here

Misfit: Serious introverts

Grab bag: We appeal to folks that like lots of natural light & free air. We open up the glass garage door as often as weather permits and the windows upstairs open for great cross ventilation. We also tend to get members that care about close & free parking – for themselves or for their clients.