David Cohen: How to get into Tech Stars

David Cohen tells Starto TV about this year’s group of Tech Stars Founders and how to improve your chances of getting accepted into the accelerator that’s harder to get into than Harvard.

Gary Vaynerchuk on the Effort Economy

Social media brand entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk kicked off Denver Startup Week with a free-ranging keynote on effective customer development, emerging startup trends and the scaling of context.

Kauffman Sketchbook: StartupVille

The Kauffman Foundation takes a crack at illustrating "The Boulder Thesis," the framework developed by Foundry Group VC Brad Feld on how to create a sustainable, vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The Invisible Helping Hand of Government

Sure, the message is as subtle as a sledgehammer and the production values are bit lacking. Hopefully, this video from the non-partisan watchdog group, OMB Watch, introduces a long-overdue discussion about the many roles of government in business—from federally insured bank accounts to the commercialization of publicly supported research.

Brad Feld: Great entrepreneurs ‘go out and do’

Foundry Group managing partner and TechStars co-founder Brad Feld discusses his personal startup and venture capital journey.

How to get more women in tech

Carolyn Drucker of SoundCloud throws down the semantic gauntlet: Stop referring to women in the technology sector as…

TechStars goes Hollywood

“Television! Teacher, mother, secret lover.” Whether entrepreneurs echo the sentiments of La-Z-Boy philosopher Homer Simpson remains to be seen. But Bloomberg TV is betting big that there’s an audience for startup drama, epic pivots…

TEDxBoulder: Never stop making things

Startup phenom Jake Nickell of Threadless encourages the TEDxBoulder audience to challenge themselves by making stuff and celebrating the messy, uncomfortable discovery process.…