JOBS Act Rules – What startups should know

The new federal securities rules (and some draft proposals) that will allow startups to raise funds through general solicitations is fraught with peril. Buyer beware.

Joss Whedon on contradictions and conflict


Wesleyan University alum and commencement speaker Joss Whedon ('87) delivered counterculture advice to the 2013 graduating class that has special resonance for startup founders.

Why schools need to teach programming

A cavalcade of tech superstars recount their first time programming. Awww. Sure, it's cute. But the underlying theme is nothing less than frightening for U.S. innovation.

Kill email: Don Tapscott on collaboration

Internet business strategist and TED speaker Don Tapscott says smart companies should replace email with collaborative decision making tools, like social media and next-gen project management, to democratize knowledge.

Slava Rubin: How to crowdfund

Slava Rubin co-founded crowdfunding platform Indiegogo with the intention of helping people "go fund themselves." Rubin talks about crowdfunding in a post-JOBS Act world.

Tiffany Espinosa: Social Entrepreneurship

Startups that pay attention to Triple Bottom Line concerns—financial, social and environmental impacts—often have greater opportunities than traditional businesses for growth and development, says CU Denver's Tiffany Espinosa.

Phil McKinney: Driving high level innovation

Continuous, daily innovation is about moving the company forward and being noticed in the market, says innovation consultant Phil McKinney. Getting stuck in the crowd is death for a startup.

Bart Lorang: How to fund your startup

Full Contact co-founder and CEO Bart Lorang explains the down and dirty of raising money after the startup's epic rejection by 126 investors.