How Nintendo Hopes to Postpone the Death of the Console Generation

Upstart_ZombiU player from on Flickr

Nintendo is placing high bets with the Wii U's GamePad, but will it win over enough third-party developers and old-school gamers?

Can the Wii U Rescue Nintendo? Lessons for startups with a fickle fan base

Nintendo released the Wii U, its sixth home gaming console, on November 18, but instead of the typical launch furor, consoles were still widely available two days after release. This humdrum response to a new console generation might seem puzzling.

Crisis UI: How does your user interface perform in less than perfect conditions?

I went flying a little while ago with my friend Matt. I had been talking about visiting a remote town in Wyoming and Matt offered to fly me there in his private plane.

How we built it: The Waldo Canyon Fire app

Waldo Canyon Fire

Scott Seibold and Robbie Trencheny are first responders of a different sort.

Local devs crush HackDenver 24-hour API challenge

An API free-for-all this weekend launched mobile apps to mine contact list intelligence, track stock market sentiment, wage a real-time battle on I-70 ski traffic and more.…

Secret street map data, risky cycling routes best Denver civic hackathon

Hacking more liveable communities was the theme of Denver’s first civic hackathon. Six teams participated in the Code For Communities contest and the competition was fierce.…

Typing as gateway drug. How schools prime kids for technology

When I was a senior in high school, my mother talked me into taking typing.…

Winning the War for Talent: Find smart people, train them yourself

“You’re too close to the screen.” It’s a favorite saying at Quick Left to urge cube-mates to think differently about solving a problem.…