How to live in the future – now – with Amber Case

Amber Case

Amber Case, cyborg anthropologist who works at software company Esri, isn’t waiting for the future - she’s living in it.

She is surrounded by electronic devices, but those devices don’t control her: They step out of the way and let Case be a better human.

Identity and intent — The next big thing for tech startups

Internet Identity

The balance between identity and privacy is easier and harder than you think. The biggest challenge is taking the leap of faith of good intentions.

The looming battle over your identity


According to Ray Wang of Constellation Research, a battle is coming. The battlefield? You, and your fragmented, split-personality identities. The major armies? Google, Amazon, Apple and Microsoft -- the four companies that can control both hardware and the cloud and, most important, the interface between them.

6 ways to not kill your startup sales


Far too many founders think of sales and marketing as the red-headed stepchild of startups. Sales legend and TechStars mentor Howard Diamond warns that mindset is killing your business.

Obamacare calculator: What will it cost me?

health insurance sign

The health insurance exchanges are open. Cut through the hype, the scare tactics and the freaky ads and get the facts on what your insurance tab will run.

How to hack a startup hackathon: 54 shirts. 54 hours


Guest blogger @ideavist shares an intriguing idea for budding entrepreneurs participating in hackathons.

Test your startup concept in the wild with real sales. No net. No safety harness. No fancy code.

The insider’s guide to Colorado coworking


They're social, collaborative and fiercely independent — meet Colorado's most interesting workspaces for freelancers, remote employees and startups.

How to build 200 apps and win an election: OFA talks civic engagement

A pocket tweet stream of how a team of the brightest minds in tech built the 2012 Obama for America digital juggernaut and discovered some important lessons for public and private sector projects on rapid scaling, user experience and bridging culture issues. Plus, preview some cool local civic engagement/open data projects.