Interactive: Explore the Startup Universe

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Wondering how to connect with startup founders and venture capitalists at Denver Startup Week without coming off like an uninformed schmoe? The Upstart has you covered.

‘Not Invented Here’ Syndrome: 3 ways founder ego destroys startups

That gutsy swagger you needed to launch your company is now eating it from within.

Crash Course: How to bootstrap your company


Experienced entrepreneurs and an angel investor headline CU Law's Silicon Flatirons Crash Course series to explore conventional and creative means for financing early stage and more established companies.

The future of freelancing


What's ahead for independent contractors and workplace mercenaries? Elance CMO Rich Pearson reads the tea leaves.

How Nintendo Hopes to Postpone the Death of the Console Generation

Upstart_ZombiU player from on Flickr

Nintendo is placing high bets with the Wii U's GamePad, but will it win over enough third-party developers and old-school gamers?

Can the Wii U Rescue Nintendo? Lessons for startups with a fickle fan base

Nintendo released the Wii U, its sixth home gaming console, on November 18, but instead of the typical launch furor, consoles were still widely available two days after release. This humdrum response to a new console generation might seem puzzling.

Journey of a lifetime: Everlater’s path from startup to game-changer

Any seasoned traveler will tell you that things do not always go according to plan. For travel enthusiasts Natty Zola and Nate Abbott, it holds particularly true.

What food trucks can teach startups on customer engagement

Upscale food trucks are tasty. That goes without saying. But they also serve as real-life examples of the art of hustle on wheels. Building reputation, multi-modal outreach strategies, and anticipating customer needs on the fly offer great lessons for virtual and brick-and-mortar startups.