Colorado digital startups raised $500M in 2012

Colorado startups got a big morale boost with a new report and spiffy infographic from Built In Denver touting big successes in venture funding, launches and acquisitions last year.

Colorado social ventures vie for $50K equity investment

Beat the clock! Colorado-based early stage impact entrepreneurs have until June 25 to win a spot to pitch their innovations for local environmental and social problems to Denver’s new venture community,…

Myths busted: VCs and angels tell all on Colorado startups

A haven for skiers, mountain bikers and microbrews. That's how people outside the state often perceive Colorado—and the people who live and work here. But is the state's work hard/play hard culture masking its place as a breeding ground for serious entrepreneurial talent?

Understanding risk from an investor’s perspective

The Game of Risk

Mitigating risk is a big issue for angels who often have little tolerance for bad bets. But opportunities are skyrocketing. What’s an investor to…

Startup buzzword bingo

It’s Day Two of the Angel Capital Summit. Do the startups in the shark tank have the special sauce to be the nextgen Groupon meets Pinterest? Hey-yo. Let’s play…

Business Catapult aims to launch better investments


Colorado entrepreneur and angel investor Kevin Johansen likes to take a metaphysical approach to the startup pivot with a quote by comparative anthropologist Joseph…

Due Diligence: Your Offensive Line

Peyton Manning

We’re covering the angel track at the Angel Capital Summit. And we’ve heard the first (of many) #PeytonManning reference of the day. Oy.…

Esther Dyson: Some angel circuits are ‘very self-referential’

Esther Dyson posing with Buddha

Interesting quote from health technology angel Esther Dyson on investing with the…