Blur 2012 Panel: The Internet of Things

Carvoyant's Bret Tobey and Mobiplug's Tim Enwall discuss what's wrong with "the internet of things."

Blur 2012: Play! Entertainment Robots Changing the Way We Interact with Our World

The CEO at Orbotix, Paul Berberian, talks about the importance of including fun as part of innovation and the challenges that companies face trying to make tech fun for all ages.

Plus bonus: Sneak peek video of Orbotix's new Sharky the Beaver augmented reality game.

Blur 2012: Riding a 3D-Printed Robot and Coming Down to Earth

Printerbot's Brook Drumm on the state of 3-D and where it's headed.

Blur 2012: The Next Generation of Brain Interface: Getting to Know You Better

Ariel Garten, CEO of InteraXon, talks about how thought computing can be both fun and help to change lives. From thought controlled beer taps to analysis of brain waves, thought computing could usher in a new way of using software and computing to change lives.

Blur/Defrag 2012: 3D Print Your Life/The Future of Stuff

Charlie Maddock (@CharlesMaddock) of Shapeways combats mass produced junk to personalized manufacturing.

The best of Denver Startup Week

A six-day, beer-soaked celebration in Denver of all things startup—scalable, replicable and often technical solutions to defined customer needs.

3 1/2 questions for Scott Yates

"We work like a dog to fill up your blog!" is not only Scott Yates' mantra at BlogMutt but it's a life-long philosophy of hard work that has played out in all three of his content-driven startups and the advice he doles out at Denver Startup Week‘s CEO Office Hours.

3 1/2 questions for JB Holston

J.B. Holston brings a wealth of experience to an industry in desperate need of disruption—media and information. As Chairman of the Board of Newsgator and a serial entrepreneur, he can throw down some knowledge at Denver Startup Week‘s CEO Office Hours.