Boulder Digital Arts

You’ll know Boulder Digital Arts by its funky socks, community atmosphere and Steve Jobs tree topper.

Boulder Digital Arts

Boulder Digital Arts

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Website: Boulder Digital

Address: 1600 Range Street, Suite 100, Boulder, CO 80301

Phone: (303) 800-4647

Uniform: Jeans, funky socks, fun boots, polar fleece

Music: The Deadheads have it here

Beer: Avery, Left Hand, and bring some tequila while you’re at the liquor store

Tech toy: iPad mini

Favorite digital tool or app: Google calendars

Reading list: Wired & Macworld

Lunch spot: Snarf’s

Television series: Game of Thrones

Extracurricular: Give us a bike and the open sky

Favorite social network: Twitter

Meetup: Boulder Open Coffee Club

Icon: We have a Steve Jobs angel for our Christmas tree

Misfit: Salespeople. If you show up wearing a tie, we’ll all be suspicious of you.

Grab bag: People do nice things for each other here. It’s just part of the culture. We lend books and office supplies, give each other rides, grab coffee, share pizza. Everyone pitches in to make the potlucks and parties successful. Go ahead and ask us a question when you’re stuck on Photoshop – you’ll probably get an answer! And we refer clients to each other all the time.