Unpacking Data’s Baggage: Lessons from Airport Security


Big Data is worthless until a scalable and accurate process for generating insights is improved and refined.

Software is eating the data center

Nutanix slidedeck at DefragCon | @GraemeThickins via Twitter.

Smarter software is "crushing the stack" by offering new ideas about data storage hardware as fast, cheap and kinda dumb. The VM cloud turns to fog, says Nutanix's @anjan.

How to ask a good question

lizard people

Paul Kedrosky ponders the history and origins of questions. If only Quora was invented in 1501 all of our problems would have been solved.

The identity manifesto

R. Ray Wang presents at DefragCon 2013

R. Ray Wang of Constellation Research explores the next big challenge in user-facing technology: Trading identity for convenience.

6 ways to not kill your startup sales


Far too many founders think of sales and marketing as the red-headed stepchild of startups. Sales legend and TechStars mentor Howard Diamond warns that mindset is killing your business.

Hack4Colorado takes aim at quality of life apps


The hackathon gauntlet has been thrown down. Hack4Colorado attracted a record 260 people hacking civic apps to improve Colorado's health and wellness, sports and fitness, tourism, sustainability, veterans and education.

Colorado digital startups raised $500M in 2012

Colorado startups got a big morale boost with a new report and spiffy infographic from Built In Denver touting big successes in venture funding, launches and acquisitions last year.

How to hack a startup hackathon: 54 shirts. 54 hours


Guest blogger @ideavist shares an intriguing idea for budding entrepreneurs participating in hackathons.

Test your startup concept in the wild with real sales. No net. No safety harness. No fancy code.