2014 Colorado startup legislation

2014 Colorado startup legislation

The Upstart is tracking bills in the Colorado General Assembly that affect the startup and technology sectors. We will report on bill progress in the statehouse and provide action alerts to the community on specific pieces of legislation that stand to impact us.

JOBS Act Rules – What startups should know

The new federal securities rules (and some draft proposals) that will allow startups to raise funds through general solicitations is fraught with peril. Buyer beware.

Healthcare after the deluge

Acoustic horn

Besides the botched roll out of the federal Affordable Care Act website, the healthcare industry itself is in for a shock as people flood the system. As John Wilbanks of Sage BioNetworks tells it: Health care info is a lot like a roach motel: Data checks in but it can't check out.

The Rise of the Citizen Explorer


Affordable, modular robots powered by open-source code is heralding a new era of discovery dubbed The Golden Age of Curiosity, says David Lang, the co-founder of OpenROV.

The Girl Geek Imperative

Lorinda Brandon at DefragCon | TheUpstart.co

Mashery's Lindy Brandon absolutely demolishes a well-intended but dead wrong sacred cow: Providing "separate but equal" access to education, employment and networking for women and girls in technology.

Toward economic security monitoring infrastructure

Joseph Reisinger | DefragCon

Joseph Reisinger of Premise.com challenged DefragCon on the notion of infallible Big Data to understand non-tech data points, like macroeconomic and human development metrics. And thus a meme was born "Dividing by Bieber."

Industrial entropy and the future of work

Graeme Thickins | via Flickr

The technology industry has changed sides. After decades as an ally of the multinational corporation -- enabling scale and conferring competitive advantage -- the accelerating pace of technology change has reached a point where most large organizations can no longer keep up. -- Chris Devore

Big P privacy in the Era of Smaller Things

Dave Makes | Creative Commons via Flickr

The abstraction layer between user and company exists now without the obligation of small p and big P privacy. One option: Put humans back between the layer to integrate moral [read: human, not machine] privacy decisions.