Blur 2012 Panel: The Internet of Things

Carvoyant's Bret Tobey and Mobiplug's Tim Enwall discuss what's wrong with "the internet of things."

Blur 2012: Riding a 3D-Printed Robot and Coming Down to Earth

Printerbot's Brook Drumm on the state of 3-D and where it's headed.

Blur/Defrag 2012: The Grassroots Revolution to Rebuild Manufacturing

Makerbot's Bre Pettis (@bre) talks about how 3-D printing is transforming the global manufacturing industry, and gives attendees a glimpse of various "makers" leading "the next industrial revolution."

Defrag 2012: Networked Business: Sharing and Collaborating Across Organizations

Larry Hawes (@lehawes) of Dow Brook looks at types of networks, comparing Apple's to Li & Fung's.

Defrag 2012: The Social World: Working With Complex Adaptive Systems

Rachel Happe (@rhappe) of The Community Roundtable on simplifying.

Defrag 2012: Goals, Metrics and Motivation 2.0: How Stats Can Make Us Better

Jeff Ma (@jeffma) on how to be a great entrepreneur--and blackjack player.

Defrag 2012: The Arab Spring of Software: Developers Are the New Kingmakers

A keynote from Cisco's Laura Cooney and Redmonk's Donnie Berkholtz on the factors that have turned developers into the new kingmakers, what those kingmakers want, and how companies are responding.

Defrag 2012: The Emerging Technological Superorganism

Wired magazine founding executive editor Kevin Kelly (@kevin2kelly) talks about redefining humans in the context of the emerging "superorganism," which is, what he calls, "the next singularity."