Blur 2012: Play! Entertainment Robots Changing the Way We Interact with Our World

The CEO at Orbotix, Paul Berberian, talks about the importance of including fun as part of innovation and the challenges that companies face trying to make tech fun for all ages.

Plus bonus: Sneak peek video of Orbotix's new Sharky the Beaver augmented reality game.

Blur 2012: The Next Generation of Brain Interface: Getting to Know You Better

Ariel Garten, CEO of InteraXon, talks about how thought computing can be both fun and help to change lives. From thought controlled beer taps to analysis of brain waves, thought computing could usher in a new way of using software and computing to change lives.

Blur/Defrag 2012: 3D Print Your Life/The Future of Stuff

Charlie Maddock (@CharlesMaddock) of Shapeways combats mass produced junk to personalized manufacturing.

Defrag 2012: We Are Software People

Jeff Lawson (@jeffiel) with Twilio (@twilio) gives a passionate talk about Software People as problem solvers and artists that use magnetic particles as their paint brush. Lawson says the end of hardware is near and we should use software to solve the remaining hardware problems.

Defrag 2012: Disrupting Disruption

Paul Kedrosky, senior research fellow with the Kauffman Foundation, talks about whether or not start-ups can actually cause disruption in their field.

Defrag 2012: Is Enterprise IT in a 20-Year Cycle of Innovation?

A discussion between Alcatel-Lucent's Laura Merling, Kristen Galliani of Meshin, and Silicon Valley Bank's Mike Devery. Moderated by Ben Kepes.

What ‘mommy bloggers’ can teach startups about online communities

Whistler's Mother as Blogger

Banner ads are dead. Creating authentic, engaging conversation with your customer is where it’s at. Assign it to the intern. Easy, right? Not so fast.

Journey of a lifetime: Everlater’s path from startup to game-changer

Any seasoned traveler will tell you that things do not always go according to plan. For travel enthusiasts Natty Zola and Nate Abbott, it holds particularly true.