How Nintendo Hopes to Postpone the Death of the Console Generation

Upstart_ZombiU player from on Flickr

Nintendo is placing high bets with the Wii U's GamePad, but will it win over enough third-party developers and old-school gamers?

Can the Wii U Rescue Nintendo? Lessons for startups with a fickle fan base

Nintendo released the Wii U, its sixth home gaming console, on November 18, but instead of the typical launch furor, consoles were still widely available two days after release. This humdrum response to a new console generation might seem puzzling.

Getting back into the ring: Sony bets big on Vita

After four consecutive years of suffering brutal consumer electronics industry pummeling, incoming Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai isn’t pulling any punches.

The effect of the creative technologist

In his essay on the effects of the “creative technologist” in the work force, Igor Clark makes a strong case against the proliferation of creative types in fields such as programming and coding. At…

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Can mustachioed plumbers, pissed off fowl and anthropomorphic pandas make the world a better place?…

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