Openspace Store: Reinvents app shopping


Robert Reich wants you to shop your app off.

The content technology veteran and indefatigable host of Boulder Denver New Tech recently soft launched the much-anticipated Openspace Store, a one-stop shop for all your mobile and tablet applications.

The team’s cool $1,000,000 raised in two rounds of seed funding from The Foundry Group, Bullet Time Ventures and several local angels looks to have been money very well spent.

As Flipboard did for leisurely magazine browsing, Openspace Store is reinventing the app store experience.

The HTML5 interface is drop dead gorgeous. In a word, it makes shopping for OS X and Android add-ons luxurious. Yeah, I said it. Luxurious.

Imagine an unholy alliance of the posh Saks Fifth Avenue customer experience with Costco volume and pricing to purchase the 380,000 (and counting) apps indexed in the Openspace Store.

The apps are categorized into thematic “channels” and will include trusted ratings/reviews by friends in your channels. Users can also create their own channels to produce personally curated recommended apps to further refine the discovery process.

News app channel,

That alone vastly improves the universally frustrating app store hunt-and-peck search process.

Eventually, Reich and team want to deal with the incredibly fragmented ecommerce side of the equation. Have multiple devices on different operating platforms? Are you a developer dabbling in OS X and Android? There is hope.

For now, making the app shopping experience pleasant seems like a minor miracle enough.

GET IN ON THE ACTION: Openspace Store is currently in closed alpha. Users with Facebook friends already approved for site testing have priority access. Follow their progress on Twitter @openspacestore.