Creative Density University merges smarts with coworking

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For the creative, modern professional who wants to up his/her game on design, business and technology, your prayers have been answered.

“It’s a continuing education platform for freelancers, startups and small creative agencies,” says Craig Baute, the brains behind the Denver coworking space, Creative Density.

Baute’s vision is to produce high curated, seminars through his new spin-off Creative Density University. All the practical smarts of professional schools without the beer bong and overpriced textbooks.

The program aims to hit the sweet spot between Meetup-style lightning rounds and lengthy, expensive conferences. On tap beginning May 8 are classes covering WordPress design by Automattic UI engineer Kevin Conboy and intermediate SEO with Alik Brundett. Curated courses include pitching investors, content marketing strategy, UX design trends, LinkedIn profiles, location-based marketing, workplace creativity and the art of sales.

Lounge at Creative Density


Baute shared with Tekhne how Creative Density University came to be:

“First, I looked at what was going on around the country to see how coworking was evolving to become the hub of ideas.”

Then, he focused on General Assembly in New York City and pariSoma in San Francisco as the market leaders. In a steely-eyed strategic analysis of the competition that would make Silicon Valley customer development master Steve Blank blush with pride, Baute examined course themes, attendance, popularity and price points across the nation to hit on what he hopes is the ideal coworking meets classroom experience: 90 minutes of instruction for $30.

The former market researcher hustled a quick survey to Creative Density members, friends and creative agency folk to confirm his hypotheses and get course suggestions.

Baute is tapping into the wealth of local Meetup groups, newsletters and like-minded groups to get the word out to work around the need for a massive marketing list.

The coworking impresario is also being especially picky about instructors to help differentiate Creative Density University from your friendly neighborhood community center adult education classes.

“The harder part is that everyone thinks they’re an expert,” says Baute. To separate the master craftsperson from the self-anointed rock stars, gurus and ninjas, he’s implementing a rigorous screening process to ensure top-notch trainers.

For that alone, Creative Density University goes to the top of the class.