Worse than SOPA? Meet CISPA the new cybersecurity bill

While the tech sector took a victory lap after defeating SOPA and PIPA, Congress was up to no good once again.

This infographic by LLRX.com and LuminConsulting.com is a good basic explainer of the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, the proposed federal legislation to broaden government powers to monitor and share information deemed cyber threats with private companies and security agencies. Cyber threats could include theft or misappropriation of government information, private intellectual property or personal identity data.

However, unlike CISPA’s evil twin predecessors, SOPA and PIPA, this bill is backed by a broad coalition of tech sector heavyweights from IBM and AT&T to Facebook.

Mike Masnick and Leigh Beadon at Tech Dirt are doing a lot of the heavy lifting on parsing the CISPA bill language. Of particular interest to local folk, U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman (R-Aurora) is the only member of the Colorado congressional delegation who has signed on publicly to support the bill among the 106 Republican and Blue Dog Democrat co-sponsors.

FreePress.net has posted an anti-CISPA petition for members of Congress. The AccessNow petition targets the companies supporting the bill. Meanwhile, PopVox is running a CISPA poll that’s going down in flames.

Then, there’s this epic rant about the tech sector’s political futilism around CISPA by Slashdot contributor Phoenix666 that’s well worth a read too.