Tekhne Index: The Economy

Eelke de Blouw, Flickr

Colorado awesomeness by the numbers.

Rank of Colorado in concentration of high tech workers nationwide : 3

Amount the IT sector contributed to annual Colorado GDP : $21,000,000,000

Number of Coloradans employed in Information, Professional and Technical Services and Administrative/Business Services : 400,000

Number of high tech workers per 1,000 state private sector workers : 86

Rank of Colorado in number of patents issued per 1,000 workers : 2

Percentage of high tech products that make up Colorado’s total foreign exports : 44%

Rank of Colorado in number of residents with college degrees : 2

Rank of science and engineering degrees awarded per 100,000 Coloradans : 7

Rank of Colorado in number of business startups in the United States : 2

Number of women-owned businesses in the state : 160,000

Gross annual receipts generated by Colorado-based women-owned businesses : $22,500,000,000

Rank of Colorado in venture capital dollars per capita : 4

Economic impact of wind turbine manufacturer Vestas’ local facilities : $1,000,000,000

Number of people employed in green energy/green tech sectors statewide : 18,000

Average annual salary of bio-science worker in Colorado : $63,000

Cost of the Fitzsimmons Life Science District redevelopment project : $4,300,000,000

Number of federal science and technology labs located in Colorado : 16

Annual economic impact of local federal labs : $1,100,000,000

Data compiled from 2010-11 Colorado Economic Development Databook

[note color="#C3DAE3"]This story was originally posted on Oct. 2, 2011.[/note]