Dave McClure: How to pitch a VC (or angel investor)

Dave McClure of 500 Startups generously shares his knowledge of the entrepreneur tech scene. But it’s his ability to weave a tapestry of expletives that is especially legendary.

Consider yourself forewarned should you view this video at work with the speakers on.

Key takeaways:

• Be a part of the tribe: Don’t be a fucking psychotic weirdo when you meet a potential investor
• Earn the right to get time with an angel or VC
• Focus your elevator pitch on the problem not your solution
• Burn a compelling image in the mind of your audience about your solution
• Be upfront about your competitors and why your solution is better
• Identify the customer acquisition costs of the marketing channel
• Note 3 budgets (small, medium and large) and how you will use the capital

The video doesn’t do justice to it so luxuriate in McClure’s patented freak show of a slide deck:

How To Pitch a VC (or Angel)
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