CDOT bids for I-70 gridlock alert app

theparadigmshifter, Flickr

Solve this vexing problem and you’ll never drink alone again!

The Colorado Department of Transportation has put out a call for developers to build a mobile app to help thwart seasonal I-70 traffic jams.

Here’s the brief, according to a blog post in Westword.

App feature wish list:

• Allow motorists to check I-70 traffic and road conditions
• Provide alternative routes, restaurants or activities to distract disgruntled drivers
• Track historical travel data to predict optimal local departure times during less congested times.

“In return for providing CDOT with the app, the winning company would be allowed to sell advertising on it, as well as on the department’s busy website, (which currently doesn’t allow any advertising), and on the 511 phone information line. The app developer could even work out deals with potential advertisers, since businesses might want to offer discounts to travelers who’re encouraged to get off the road for a few hours,” writes Westword.

Hurry, CDOT is collecting proposals through December and hopes to make a decision next month in order to launch the app by the 2012 Memorial Day weekend.

We don’t know how CDOT will score proposlas but we’d award bonus points to teams who have personal experience with the heart-thumping terror of whiteout conditions at the Eisenhower Tunnel or have nearly careened off the road to avoid amorous bighorn sheep in the springtime. In this case, solving your own pain could lead to big bucks.

In the meantime, check out the CDOT Twitter feed for the up-to-the-minute thrill ride of winter driving in the Rocky Mountains.