Crowdsourcing: From Phenomenon to Business Model

PARC Forum hosted a fascinating conversation among leaders in the crowdsourcing movement.

This video clocks in at 69 minutes. Pro tip: Advance to the 3:00 mark to shave off some unnecessary chitchat.

Key takeaways:

• Employment law is not keeping up with new workforce trends.
• Open innovation competitions are growing at a rapid pace among private industry and government.
• The best U.S. workers are stay-at-home parents and already employed people who need flexible schedules to earn extra cash as “casual work.”
• Be very clear with instructions to your distributed workforce to ensure better results. And test, test, test those questions to determine the trend lines and identify outliers early on.
• Having an automated process coupled with a smart, informed management layer to manage the workforce is critical to getting the best results. Otherwise, the low quality of the effort will outweigh the cost savings of hiring crowdsource labor.
• Future trend is on-demand labor with high level security standards to access financial and health records.
• Need for R&D to develop interactive communication technologies to permit crowdsourcing dialogue to better define questions that result in high quality answers.