Kill email: Don Tapscott on collaboration

Internet business strategist and TED speaker Don Tapscott says smart companies should replace email with collaborative decision making tools, like social media and next-gen project management, to democratize knowledge.

In Tapscott’s excerpted video interview on the McKinsey Quarterly blog, the chair of Moxie Insight and celebrated business thinker says talent is the new app.

“How do we get beyond e-mail to these new social platforms that include an industrial-strength social network? Not through Facebook, because that’s not the right tool. But there are tools now: wikis, blogs, microblogging, ideation tools, jams, next-generation project management, what I call collaborative decision management. These are social tools for decision making. These are the new operating systems for the 21st-century enterprise in the sense that these are the platforms upon which talent—you can think of talent as the app—works, and performs, and creates capability.

But we’ve approached this wrong over the years. Take something like knowledge management. Knowledge management has failed. We had this view that knowledge is a finite asset, it’s inside the boundaries of companies, and you manage it by containerizing it.”

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