The best of Denver Startup Week

A six-day, beer-soaked celebration in Denver of all things startup—scalable, replicable and often technical solutions to defined customer needs.

The Best of Denver Startup Week

A six-day, beer-soaked celebration of all things startup—scalable, replicable and often technical solutions to defined customer needs. Denver Startup Week was sponsored by: SendGrid, Paypal, Downtown Denver Partnership and the Colorado Technology Association.

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It’s hard to argue with a backdrop like this for #denstartupweek Riggs
Kickoff lunch
Gary Vaynerchuk on the Effort EconomySocial media brand entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk kicked off Denver Startup Week with a free-ranging keynote on effective customer developm…
Colorado Entrepreneurial by Nature launched by @sether at #denstartupweekKim Mears
"Caring about your end users has never been a bad thing." All about context! @garvee #denstartupweekLizelle van Vuuren
If you audit your business – if you allocate attention to customers and employees – things will change – say thank you! #denstartupweekMelissaHourigan
Context is king – people struggle w/ social because we use it like a 19yo boy and not focused on customers #denstartupweekMelissaHourigan
@kristapaul of @usingmiles inspires with @richardbranson highs & lohan lows #womenpreneur w/resilience#DenStartupweek O’Neill Dwight
Business track panels
#DenStartupWeek Leadership panel dropped serious startup advice: Bootstrapping, recruiting, customer dev, work-life, pitching + more. Wow!tekhneCO
@bradybecker startup advice: If you want to seek funding, you should incorporate in Delaware – investors get it. #DSWfailMelissaHourigan
Great talk by @perryevans "your startup idea will be from 20-100% wrong…so be ready to pivot" #denverstartupweekMark Salsberry
@bradybecker explains that when they disappointed users with Brightkite, they built a game where users could throw tomatoes at them #DSWfailMelissaHourigan
@bradybecker startup advice: keep a clean cap table; join an accelerator; build an advisory board #DSWfailMelissaHourigan
If startups spent half the time they spend on Twitter and TechCrunch – with their customers, things would be a lot different #dswfailMelissaHourigan
"Sales is an interesting way to finance things." @jimfranklin #venturehumor @DENStartupWeek #DenStartupweekKevin Fredrick
"We only have 1 rule @aspenacademy: Be kind. Everything reflects that. The culture that creates is extraordinary." #systems #denstartupweekMarissa Berlin
@NerdWallet Study: #Business Checking Cheaper at #CreditUnions Than Banks & Caters to Small Business #DenverStartupWeekDenver Community CU
Technical track panels
Bootstrapped startups say "we don’t have $$ to pay for your software…but we drink expensive lattes" via @danpodsedly #denverstartupweekMark Salsberry
You should be able to divorce yourself from billing gateway w/o losing customer info. #DenverStartupWeeklisacrispin
"You need to be doing it better and cleaner than the other guy." #topgun #startupwisdom #denverstartupweekRory O’Rourke
Metered, usage-based, packages of features, lots of different ways to price a SaaS product #denverstartupweeklisacrispin
pros & cons for diff pricing models. Usage-based gives flexibility but interaction w/ billing system can be negative. #denverstartupweeklisacrispin
Consider how well you want to forecast your revenue, choose pricing model accordingly. Usage based hard 2 forecast. #denverstartupweeklisacrispin
Are my customers getting more value over time? Getting curr. cust. to buy more better ROI than getting new cust. #denverstartupweeklisacrispin
Social venture panels
@ReWorkJobs ‘speed up the feedback loop’ and ‘surround yourself with cool people’ #DenverStartupWeekGalvanize
Design track panels
Great resource for design It’s All About Looks: Josh Fuller @DENStartupWeek #denstartupweekChris Klein
Wrap a mobile-optimized website in a native shell for max device coverage? Nice! #denverstartupweek #effectiveui #mobileGuy Greenbaum
Words to remember #servantdesign #denstartupweek Giese
"Be a five year old. Why? Why? Why?" #effectiveUI #denverstartupweekLAC Treleven
"Responsive is my favorite cuz suddenly the grid is back. Woohoo! Guess what, it never left." #effectiveUI #denverstartupweekLAC Treleven
Good ux should be like a good prison fight. Short, sharp, effective then gtfo. #denverstartupweek @effectiveuiBrent Weber
All community panels
Put your solution and the impact of it upfront. Don’t hide it. Also true for marketing. #techstarspitch #DenverStartupWeekSuzan Bond
How to support startups: Give before you get. Be a mentor, become a customer, make an intro for entrepreneurs. @nglaros #DenverStartupWeekSuzan Bond
Slide decks + blog posts
Talked #bmgen #leancanvas #leanstartup with @rallyon at #denverstartupweek. Slides: Nies
Notes from last night’s UX Bookclub: #DenverStartupWeekKelley Poturalski
How to Make Your Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign Insanely Successful #denstartupweek Koenig
Shared #leanstartup, #custdev, & #designthinking with @rallyon at #denverstartupweek. Slides: Nies
Checklist and roadmap for #Startups #denstartupweek only on #fiverr #fiverrHQ [VIDEO] Koenig
Seen + heard
Wow! Great #fail panel with @tekhneCO @DENStartupWeek thanks @nokero @bradybecker @perryevans #DenverStartupWeekJoshua Churlik
The EffectiveUI guy is rocking during his talk at #denverstartupweek @ Uncubed Vasinov
"We’ve produced 16 babies among my staff… Which is the downside of having a really happy staff." @aspenacademy #denstartupweekMarissa Berlin
"If you think it sucks getting fucked by your webguy, try getting fucked by his widget." #ignitedenver #denverstartupweekMarissa Berlin
Love my new @forkly tee that hubs got for me at #denverstartupweek ! K Jacobson
Congrats to @AppIt_Ventures on winning best small business plan out of over 150 competitors! #DenverStartupWeekKate Lynch
Remains of the mustache. A well-used prop from #ignitedenver for #denverstartupweek. Cue the trumpets playin Tidd
"We all already dress in black. Can’t the revolution be cheerful?" – on designers stealing from each other #effectiveUI #denverstartupweekLAC Treleven
Robots do the pitching at #demogala #denverstartupweek
OH: “Images are like gum balls.” – @luke_beatty #DenverStartupWeekThad McDowell
I’m a little tired of hearing "our idea is to create an app". #denverstartupweekMark Johnson
Oh yes, that’s bacon on those cupcakes. Getting ready for Startup Crawl! #denverstartupweek Marzewski
At #DenverStartupWeek almost half the entrepreneurs I have met have moved to Colorado within the last 12 months! #inno… Mondry
#denverstartupweek hanging @ #cowboylounge in #lodo Pizza Company
A sponsor is drinking breakfast scotch at #apihackday. Won’t say which one but use your nose. #denstartupweekAndy E.
Great end to a great week. #DenverStartupWeek TY @ErikMitisek @yodeets @DENStartupWeek Brustkern
Thank goodness for #beer and #startups. That is all. #DenverStartupWeekTechnical Integrity
@Wayin is ready for the crawl! #DenverStartupWeek Frick
Content from Ignite Denver24 October 2012
APEX Awards
“@travis_todd: Congrats to @lorangb of @FullContactAPI winner of CTA entrepreneur of the year! #denverstartupweek”Ben Deda
@Pixorial wins Project of the Year Apex Award! Thanks @ColoTechAsn for the honor & @Google #DenverStartupWeek Espineira
API Hack Day
But wait, there’s more! #DenverStartupWeek who wants to be a hundredaire? #APIHackday is tomorrow!
And the pile of cash goes to team "What’s the Plan?" Don’t spend it all in one place! #apihackday #DenverStartupWeek Technology
I need to learn code :-/ @FullContactAPI: Check out the FullContact prize at @apihackday #DenverStartUpWeek !!