3 1/2 questions for JB Holston

J.B. Holston brings a wealth of experience to an industry in desperate need of disruption—media and information. As Chairman of the Board of Newsgator and a serial entrepreneur, he can throw down some knowledge at Denver Startup Week‘s CEO Office Hours.

1. What question about startups do you get asked most often by founders?

How much capital should I plan on raising? Lots of founders struggling between deciding between bootstrapping and raising more capital, and the implications (whom do I approach? Etc) of going for more…
When you’ve had to pivot start-ups in the past – when did you know and how did you do it?

2. What question do you actually wish founders would ask?

I love it when a founder explains his/her passion and how that’s expressed in the start-up, and has that as a platform for an open conversation about how to make it work. IN my experience, start-ups founded around personal passions have the highest likelihood of survival – ‘cause it’s actually really tough to make things work for the long-term.

3. What’s missing from the Denver startup scene to support founders?

There’s a ton of great activity around and support for start-ups in and immediately around Denver – but it’s not always incredibly obvious how to get plugged into the resources. A little more communication coordination will help. The noise is a normal byproduct of the activity at this relatively early stage of focus on start-ups per se in and around Denver

3.5 Why?

There are a host of great start-ups that are not tech/software and/or for-profit – I think this is going to be the biggest win for Denver – we need to get them all plugged into the #denverstartup scene too! One example; Andrew Romanoff’s northeast Denver initiative with IDE to get 30 not-for-profit international development-oriented start-ups galvanized.