The Best of Denver Startup Weekend

Denver Startup Weekend kicked off Friday and sent 10 teams on a 54-hour frenzy to build prototypes and convince an all-star panel of entrepreneur judges that their products have viable business models.

Best of Denver Startup Weekend 4

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Denver’s fourth Startup Weekend begins …
StartupWeekend Denver 4 is happening tonight. From idea to concept in 54 hours, #swdenver Rossi
@jonrrossi getting to the presentations for Denver Startup Weekend. @uncubed #swdenver van Vuuren
The #swdenver room is filling fast at @uncubed. Pitches coming soon.
#swdenver Rock-Paper-Scissors shootout with @CandySushi Kid and @aaronkwhite.
Great #swdenver advice for teams. Find a designer — looks matter– and trust that spark of inspiration that led you to you being here.tekhneCO
“@aaronkwhite: Note to non-technical folks at #swdenver look into services that don’t require developers! they EXIST!”Joshua Churlik
#swdenver truck food. noom noom @ Uncubed Lee
#swdenver lunch
Startup Validation. Build, measure, learn. #lean #startup #swdenver @sw_denver
RT @tekhneCO: #swdenver crowd listening to @mobiplug founder talk about big secret of @techstars: More time/focus on developing biz not tech.Jamie Ontiveros
@jonrrossi about to tell all how #SWDenver is gonna go down. @ Uncubed Lee
Now, a message from our sponsors …
@SW_Denver We’re excited to be a Startup Weekend Denver sponsor! Contact us here or call 602-817-5016 with ?s. And have fun!
@jonrrossi Excited to be a global SW sponsor! If any Q’s arise visit our FAQs at #swdenver.CO
@PivotDesk is sponsoring Startup Weekend Denver – so.many amazing people here #swden #swdenverAlex Newmann
We’re excited to be sponsoring #SWDenver tonight, expanded access to our API and keys provided.AlchemyAPI
Question time with Avi Stopper of
Question-driven product development. @avistopper from @captainu opens #swdenver with great advice: Drill down on customer need.tekhneCO
#swdenver Design an experiment to answer question(s) about customer hypothesis before you start to build per @avistopper.tekhneCO
#swdenver question: How to find people to test customer hypothesis? @avistopper: Spend a couple hundred bucks on Facebook ads.tekhneCO
#swdenver question: How to bootstrap an idea? @avistopper: Put yourself on time/money budget. Turn & burn on hypothesis in 2 days.tekhneCO
#swdenver question: How do I deliver a product in 54 hrs? @avistopper: Fundamental question is validating customer need not tech.tekhneCO
#swdenver question: How to figure out revenue stream? @avistopper: Test demand hypothesis. Do customers want it? Will they pay for it?tekhneCO
Team pitch: SMS4Babies
First up at #swdenver pitch: SMS4Babies — a mobile app that connects parents and nannies.tekhneCO
SMS4Babies solves parent anxiety via push notifications by sitter. Sounds like @STurkle’s research: Alone Together. #swdenvertekhneCO
SMS4Babies revenue model is freemium with targeted ads. #swdenver judge raises concern about sitter:smartphone ratio.tekhneCO
Team pitch: Instaprops
Next #swdenver pitch: Instaprops — aggregates social media feedback on shared Instagram photos, makes the stats shareable.tekhneCO
#instaprops connects all media comments from different SM places. #swdenver @ Uncubed Lee
Instaprops boosts customer engagement thru Instagram photos. #swdenver Judges skeptical about violating ToS & rev stream.tekhneCO
"It works don’t worry." Hands down best proof of concept ever #swdenver @instapropsStartup Upon
Team pitch: CADMirror
Third #swdenver pitch: CADMirror — Computer-assisted dispatch platform to allow public safety entities to share data.tekhneCO
Dejay shares how @cadmirror shares CAD info to make emergency services more efficient #swdenver @ Uncubed Lee
We are happy to announce that we’ve secured the services of a legendary fire marshall. #swdenver
#swdenver Crunch time! Apparently there are no crimes today in west Denver. Looks like we’ll have to make up some incidents for our demo!CadMirror
#swdenver judges grilling CADmirror on political/revenue obstacles. Revenue model is selling incident data to private security.tekhneCO
CADmirror "solution is to link everybody up." Makes mutual aid calls more efficient. Rescue agencies asked for this. #swdenvertekhneCO
Team pitch: Shared Bottle
Fourth #swdenver pitch: Shared Bottle – an intelligent wine recommendation app with a social media twist.tekhneCO
Shared bottle is next up…alcohol + startups + technology = win? Profit? #swdenver Bernier
Shared Bottle offers personalized eduction, recommendations on previous purchases and local buying guide. #swdenvertekhneCO
Jess shows how we can all embrace our inner wino @sharedbottle #swdenver @ Uncubed Lee
Shared Bottle offers free + premium services. Check ‘em out at and @sharedbottle. #swdenvertekhneCO
#swdenver judges corking Shared Bottle over Point of Sales challenges and sourcing trait recommendations.tekhneCO
"The Pandora of Wine" creates sticky customer relationship for retailers. But Shared Bottle doesn’t know if they will pay. #swdenvertekhneCO
#swdenver I am skeptical about shared bottle. The only way I know to guarantee that you drink wine that you like is to have your own cellaradmitriyev
Team pitch: The Great Bookcase
Fifth #swdenver pitch: The Great Bookcase — semantic search for keywords to better discover books. Database has 200K attributes.tekhneCO
The Great Bookcase allows consumers to search on story attributes: people, time, place, etc., not on Amazon. #swdenvertekhneCO
Need a book? @GreatBookcase does semantic search so the worm can find its book #swdenver @ Uncubed Lee
Great Bookcase sees revenue thru affiliate sales. Simplifies other search engines. Book nerd bloggers are target market. #swdenvertekhneCO
#swdenver judges question how Great Bookcase competes against Amazon/warns against TechCrunch Effect – high interest peak then cliff.tekhneCO
Team pitch: Now We Ride
Sixth #swdenver pitch: Now We Ride — app to find safe, crowdsourced local bike pools. Posses for local commutes.tekhneCO
be cool, ride pool! That’s the motto for @nowweride #swdenver @ Uncubed Lee
In code mode…slinging away for @NowWeRide at #swdenverPaul Arterburn
@NowWeRide revenue model is a 99¢ app, bike store sponsorships and in-app tools. Submitted to App Store last night. #swdenvertekhneCO
Killer team for @NowWeRide ! #SWdenverStartup Upon
Next feature for @NowWeRide: Verbal reports of real-time road hazards to improve map/routes. #swdenvertekhneCO
#swdenver judges Qs: Is there competition? Are there already crowdsourced maps? Customer adoption hurdles?tekhneCO
We just pitched @NowWeRide! #SWDenver, We Ride!
Team pitch: Crystal Ball Trades
Seventh #swdenver Crystal Ball Trades — Social media tracking of events and sentiment as predictive data for stock markets.tekhneCO
Focus on personal traders is @cbtrades cutomer market with fewer data options. Judges: This has been done before. #swdenver #sadpandatekhneCO
Wondered about using SM sentiment to buy/sell stock? Now you can: @cbtrades #swdenver @ Uncubed Lee
Big concern about manipulating stock markets with bogus social media. How does @cbtrade monitor that? #swdenvertekhneCO
Team pitch: thyme
Eighth #swdenver pitch: Thyme — Restaurant customers order thru mobile app using QR codes on table. Ditches the wait staff.tekhneCO
We live in a time where everyone’s phone is already on the table, people are going to love this! #swdenver Thyme food and drink ordering appStartup Upon
Dine on you own thyme with @thymeapp real time ordering & noom noom #swdenver @ Uncubed Lee
#swdenver judges hungry for details on Thyme: Market size, adoption. Targeting sushi places b/c customers are used to filling out order.tekhneCO
Team pitch: Trufffle
Ninth #swdenver pitch: Trufffle — think Dribble for chefs to share best recipe, build reputation and find jobs.tekhneCO
What r u cooking? @trufffleapp places the chef in yo kitchen #swdenver @ Uncubed Lee
Trufffle revenue models are: job postings, ingredient/product advertising, chefs will be vetted but service is free. #swdenvertekhneCO
Trufffle allows users to fork chef’s recipes and pull into their own recipe box. Originator chef name stays with recipe. #swdenvertekhneCO
Team pitch: H2Lo
Tenth #swdenver pitch: H2Lo — "We’re crazy about saving water." Cheap, easy to use, off the shelf solution to improve irrigation systems.tekhneCO
H2Lo connects consumers with analytics on water usage with gamification and remote control of irrigation system. #swdenvertekhneCO
Wasting water is H2Lo…co! @h2locowater saves water like whoa #swdenver @ Uncubed Lee
H2Lo is like @SimpleEnergy for water with wifi monitor. Denver water has $18.4M budget for conservation programs. Yeow. #swdenvertekhneCO
Chris Franz: I’ve seen companies waste $250K in 6 months that didn’t make as much progress as the #swdenver teams. <– Quote of the weekend.tekhneCO
#swdenver judges are convening to discuss teams on: idea viability, customer validation, revenue and teamwork. Go!tekhneCO
#swdenver judges are meandering back to @uncubed. Winning teams to be announced in 3 – 2 – 1 …tekhneCO
Judging some awesome startups at StartupWeekendDenver #SWDenver Franz
#swdenver judges words of wisdom: Practice customer validation, mind customer costs, get data, churn sales + know user vs customer.tekhneCO
And the winners are …
Announcing the #swdenver winners. Branden Lee
Top 3 for #swdenver 1. @h2locowater 2. @NowWeRide 3. @SharedBottle Lee
Huge congrats to @h2locoWater for winning #swdenver. We love what you guys are doing!Mobiplug Inc.
#winning #h2locowater #swdenver Jordan
You are looking at the 3rd place team at Denver Startup Weekend 2012!! #sharedbottle #swdenver #startupweekend #wine
We won second place at #swdenver! More importantly, I beat @aaronkwhite . Sweet sweet sweet! ;) Antoine Valot
Took 2nd at #swdenver with @NowWeRide – a mobile app built in 2 days with a solid team. (view on smartphone for app)Paul Arterburn
Group shot at #swdenver Bernier
#swdenver having an amazing time watching final pitches #passion@StartupWeekend #inspireJon Rossi
@jonrrossi Goodluck to all the teams pitching today! Can’t wait to see what you’re all building :) #swdenver.CO
Final day of #swdenver! Running on 3hrs of sleep, but still coding away :) . (at @uncubed) — Bergen
Thanks @finsrud for coming out to talk at @SW_Denver last night great info shared with all the teams. #swdenverJon Rossi
RT @TheIanLee: A future #entrepreneur checks out the sites of the pitches @ #swdenver Leong
What did I do at #swdenver this weekend? I got to help some awesome groups, work on learning Rails, and I updated!!Matt Bernier
Why are the @StartupWeekend Denver judges so good looking?!? #SWDenverNow, We Ride!
#swdenver was an incredible experience and, results aside, we are still working hard to bring you a great dining experience!Thyme App
What makes #swdenver most unique and memorable is the random poignant existential pronouncements from @jonrrossiAntoine Valot
RT @eturner303: I had a great time judging at StartupWeekend Denver — some really amazing teams. Congrats everyone! #swdenverAlchemyAPI
#swdenver Some great apps and pitches so far. Good luck to all the teams pitching their ideas!!!CadMirror
Killer #swdenver! My first and definitely not my last. Thanks @SW_DenverJordan Stone
Megathanks to @tekhneCO for the play-by-play of #swdenver ! You rock, Wendy!Antoine Valot
Local resources to help team move forward
Go to DOCC #swdenverMatt Bernier
Go to BOCC – #swdenverMatt Bernier
StartUpUpon is stumbleupon for startups helping you discover new technology and projects to follow!#StartUpUpon #SWdenverStartup Upon
Hey #swdenver folks, check out! A great place to get feedback for your ideas, as well as give feedback on great ideasMatt Bernier