Startup Weekend Denver: Play By Play

Jeffrey Beall, Flickr

If the Broncos are going to be stuck in the AFC West basement you might as well have some fun, advises this long-suffering Cleveland Browns fan. is a multiplayer online fantasy football game that lets you call the plays in in a real match up in real-time.

The game being developed at Startup Weekend Denver allows to you compete against friends and scores how well you predicted the outcome of the game.

Suiting up for PlayByPlay are Joseph, Fabian, Chris B., John and Chris O.

They’re building the back-end in Java and using an iOS library for the front-end for efficiency’s sake in the 54-hour crunch to push a working prototype.

Pro tip from Chris O: Pay attention when you’re registering for a Google App in a hurry. The search behemoth is now charging for business accounts.