Flobots and $40K kick off Denver Startup Bash

Full Contact's Ben Deda kicks off Denver Startup Bash | @andreitr

240 companies. 1100 people. $40,000 raised.
Not too shabby for the inaugural Denver Startup Bash.

The downtown concert featuring hometown band, Flobots, supports Denver Startup Week, the Oct. 22-27 showcase of the city’s entrepreneurial community in tech, design, business, and social entrepreneurship.

Seen and Heard at Denver Startup Bash

240 companies. 1100 people. $40,000 raised to support Denver Startup Week Oct. 22-27. Go Denver!

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Taking #RTD from Boulder to #DenverStartupBash – #StayClassy http://instagr.am/p/PQItdLoEKI/ideavist
We have our koozies ready for the #denverstartupbash http://pic.twitter.com/MfqDtIaiWayin
The @PingIdentity folks in the house!!!!! #DenverStartupBash http://pic.twitter.com/HriQauLbBart Lorang
Tonight #denverstartupbash tomorrow #Fincon2012…busy week for us!P2Binvestor
Photo: #denverstartupbash http://tmblr.co/Z6GL_wSv932Muncubed
Gonna use the @eventbrite app to check into #DenverStartupBash right now. Lets see how this works. ✩ Levi Beers ✩
Well, hello 3 drink tickets. #DenverStartupBash sure knows its crowd.tekhneCO
Packed house for #DenverStartupBash #startups #colorado #awesomesauceTechnical Integrity
Outside #denverstartupbash….based on t shirts I have seen in 5 minutes, I use the products of 95% of the companies hereEric Lanier
I hear that 700 tech geeks are about to show up #denverstartupbash http://instagr.am/p/PQOLAwOtyr/Andrei Taraschuk
And this is just one HALF of the roof patio! Dang mang, #DenverStartupBash is hopping. Can’t wait for the Flobots! http://pic.twitter.com/4XE4Gl17tekhneCO
@ #denverstartupbash and thirsty.Colin Thomas-Arnold
#DenverStartupBash is off and it’s insane. Maybe top party this month on Denver. http://instagr.am/p/PQRc2LRdZh/Lizelle van Vuuren
#DenverStartupBash is on! Interesting to see a lot of unfamiliar faces at a startup eventRich M
#DenverStartupBash is getting busy. Already ran into former @Lifepics coworkers. #powerofnetworkingGregory Mault
And now….from the rooftop. Thanks @FullContactAPI #denverstartupbash http://pic.twitter.com/wmL5MziSJonathan & Jennifer
240 companies, 1100 people at #denverstartupbash . Awesome. @fullcontact @newsgator @square1bank @servicemagic @pingidentity @itriagejholston
Ben rocking it #denverstartupbash @ The Tavern Downtown http://instagr.am/p/PQUl3But4M/Andrei Taraschuk
Denver #Flobots to perform tonight at the #denverstartupbash http://instagr.am/p/PQT699xdb2/Lizelle van Vuuren
Amazing to see #startups like Lijit, Uber, Stack Overflow, Full Contact and so many more here. #DenverStartupBashtekhneCO
Really enjoying #DenverStartupBash great energy and a ton of cool people #Denver #techAndrei Taraschuk
Nice Erik #denverstartupbash @ The Tavern Downtown http://instagr.am/p/PQVIbzOt4o/Andrei Taraschuk
Award for best nametags goes to The Social Route, with iPads that were info, nametags and cameras. #DenverStartupBash http://pic.twitter.com/4pnIe5CjtekhneCO
Flow bots rocking it #denverstartupbash @ The Tavern Downtown http://instagr.am/p/PQV3kSut5D/Andrei Taraschuk
W00t. @FlobotsDotOrg on stage at #DenverStartupBashJohn Wilker
Free @flobots show? Don’t mind if I do. #DenverStartupBashGregory Mault
Rockin out to the @Flobots at #DenverStartupBash! http://pic.twitter.com/vGWrEhLjKatie Nelson
At the #denverstartupbash jamming out to the Flowbots!Tyler Burgett
#Flobots is bringing down the house at #denverstartupbash http://instagr.am/p/PQWpR1xdeW/Lizelle van Vuuren
Great event #denverstartupbashAminDabit
Flobots!!!! #DenverStartupBash @LeviBeers @GoldetheTres @JonHemstreet❖ EndPoint
met some of the @MobiplugNetwork dudes at the #DenverStartupBashkevin wanek
Having a great time at #DenverStartupBash! Find us and say hi!Mobiplug Inc.
Andrea and Jami of http://Flobots.org enjoying the music. #thisismyjam #DenverStartupBash http://pic.twitter.com/qIbEorlFtekhneCO
If someone is looking for me at the #denverstartupbash let me know.Michael Rose
#DenverStartupBash and the mfing FLOBOTS! http://pic.twitter.com/5pBV1MHGBen Deda
#denverstartupbash @flobots funtimes!Catherine LeDuke
The creative energy here is amazing. Or, dare we say, amazong. #newlevelofamazing #DenverStartupBashtekhneCO
Just saw a @jotstory tee at #denverstartupbash. Gotta check that out, I like the name.Jonathan & Jennifer
Wow! Look at Denver show up for #DenverStartupBashJoshua Churlik
#Denverstartupbash http://instagr.am/p/PQYrt3g_Jh/Matt de Caussin
Do @SendGrid employees ever wear anything but a SendGrid shirt? #DenverStartupBashGregory Mault
http://ow.ly/i/UHbN quite a party at #denverstartupbashG. Krista Morgan
Flobots, a million startup people, and a whole lot of energy! #denverstartupbashKent Riggs
#denverstartupbash (@ The Tavern Downtown w/ @suzanbond @jonrrossi @kentriggs) http://4sq.com/OeqJWVCourtney O’Rourke
@monikarun i have met so many people who know you! #DenverStartupBashBrianne Bell
Urgh – Back to school night goes long, startup geek girl misses #denverstartupbash #RRRRRRRRRMelissaHourigan
@brianne_bell haha awesome! I wish I could have gone. Hope they all said good things! #DenverStartupBashMonika Runstrom
Loving #DenverStartupBashBrianne Bell
How do you network during a concert? I’m not sure but it’s fun to try! #DenverStartupBashSteve D’Ambrosia
Thanks @fullcontact for throwing a kick ass party!!! #denverstartupbashKatie Nelson
http://ow.ly/i/****1 #denverstartupbashG. Krista Morgan
Flobots at #DenverStartupBash http://pic.twitter.com/DAFPR8O5Dan Mandle
Love the energy tonight at #denverstartupbash http://instagr.am/p/PQbl8WxdTT/Lizelle van Vuuren
Had a great, tho brief, time at the #DenverStartupBash Thanks @lorangb for the invite.John Minnihan
Wow. @_endpoint just rocked out with @flobots!!! Kicked our ass at #DenverStartupBash!!!! ✩ Levi Beers ✩
http://ow.ly/i/UHpp awesome show at #denverstartupbashG. Krista Morgan
Oh yeah. What a great event. #DenverStartupBash http://twitpic.com/aruwshTechnical Integrity
Yes! @jonathanichlson and company enjoying their night at #DenverStartupBash http://pic.twitter.com/x1rcpZ47tekhneCO
Missing #DenverStartupBash. I hope @Kentriggs can give me an update when I get back.Adriana Galue
@FullContactAPI Awesome #DenverStartupBashRebecca Savage
Yeah! @Klammertime and @taopivot enjoying #DenverStartupBash. Come on, now. This is epic. http://pic.twitter.com/Tthmy4kNtekhneCO
@dulcedementia Great meeting you at #DenverStartupBash . Glad you were FINALLY reunited with your friend from http://Name.com ^__^ideavist
Omgwtf, @creativedensity and @rachaelwright8 are killing it at #DenverStartupBashtekhneCO
@lorangb @devevangelist @jonrrossi Great party dudes! #Flobots totally rocked it! #DenverStartupBashideavist
Had a great time #DenverStartupBashBrianne Bell
@EricDorsey hey, why aren’t you at #DenverStartupBash ???!Helene Kwong
#DenverStartupBash AMAZING time. AMAZING innovation and people. Thanks @lorangb and the @fullcontactapi for such a killer event JobwelldoneSarah Howarth Hogan
@Insperity LOVED being a part of #DenverStartupBash. AMAZING minds we’ve got in this city!!!Sarah Howarth Hogan
I’m completely blown away by the turnout for #DenverStartupBash Thanks to all of the sponsors.Thad McDowell
Awww too much fun at #DenverStartupBash ! Didn’t get to talk to @lorangb … Aw man!Helene Kwong
Connected @Klammertime with @courtneyo & @dulcedementia at least. #OHYEAH #DenverStartupBashHelene Kwong
Sitting with @dulcedementia still at #DenverStartupBash (or after-party) & talking about #baconHelene Kwong
What a great event tonight! #denverstartupbash. Thanks @ColoTechAsn and @FullContactAPI loved promoting #DEMOgala and #Sempera1Rachel Taylor
#DenverStartupBash is trending WorldWide. I live in Denver and I have no freaking idea what this is >_> I need a life. I blame 1D. :) xJanelle Marie Bober
@surferdwa yep! Great show for #denverstartupbashKent Riggs
Totally Forgot #DenverStartupBash was going on…cant believe Im missing it!! #SadPandaJaeMarie
@RachaelWright8 Hey stranger! Great bumping into you @ #DenverStartupBash Wish we coulda hungout while you were in Boulder :-/ Next time ;-) ideavist
@MayorHancock I had to DVR DNC speeches to attend #DenverStartupBash with nearly 1k Denver innovators. Lots of good happening.Kelly Taylor
Omg! Loved seeing @ideavist @jonrrossi @dulcedementia @torylynne @courtneyo @Klammertime @rachaelwright8 & many others at #DenverStartupBashHelene Kwong
Had a good time at #DenverStartupBash. Interesting people and excellent conversations. Thanks!levicook
After the #DenverStartupBash , we know we gotta meet our #crowdfunding goal: to get T-shirts &More! http://www.indiegogo.com/taopivotTAOpivot
Missed @jaredewy at #DenverStartupBash !!! But got to meet some of your coworkers :D Helene Kwong
My ears are still ringing after #Flobots performance at #DenverStartupBash … but in a good way ^__^ http://instagr.am/p/PQwp9foEFl/ideavist
@lorangb The #DNC was beamed onto my flight via DirecTV. The #DenverStartupBash wasn’t. Get on that.Yoav Lurie
Holy crap! #DenverStartupBash was amazing. Great job everyone! Go Denver!Daniel Newman
@lorangb how about this: I have a really long flight on Wednesday; I can try to recreate the #DenverStartupBash on that flight…Yoav Lurie
Mission accomplished. No one drove under the influence. #designateddriver. #DenverStartupBash was fun. Some networking & lots of @flobots ✩ Levi Beers ✩
#BashRules #1 if the @flobots are playing I dont want to see your custom phone app bro. Put it away. #DenverStartupBash ✩ Levi Beers ✩
Wonder how many people will be late to work from lasts nights #DenverStartupBash lol ✩ Levi Beers ✩
Awesome job last night on #denverstartupbash. The bar is officially set very high for Denver Tech events.uncubed
Had tons of fun at #DenverStartupBash last night – Denver clearly has the energy and people to become a hot tech startup hubAndrei Taraschuk
Denver Startup Bash rocked last night. To those who organized and promoted the event, a big thanks! #denver #startups #denverstartupbashThomas Higley
Ditto “@tomhigley: Denver Startup Bash rocked last night. To those who organized and promoted the event, a big thanks! #denverstartupbash”David Mangum
“@andyvuong: The Flobots, $40,000 party and a new era in the Denver tech scene: http://bit.ly/QjoOki /cc @lorangb” #denverstartupbashBen Deda
Great talks last nite at #DenverStartupBash @klingnathan @tomhigley @kirkholland @lorangb @alexfinkel @anewmann @DavidMangum3 @uncubed …PivotDesk
The #Flobots, $40,000 party and a new era in the Denver tech scene: http://bit.ly/QjoOki – @lorangb @andyvuong #DenverStartupBash #startupsideavist
@flobots and bunches of people at the #denverstartupbash. nice work @fullcontactAPI! great start to #denverstartupweek!TEDxMileHigh
Congrats to @fullcontactapi and the entire Denver tech scene. A landmark moment! http://bit.ly/QjoOki #denverstartupbashChris Marks
#denverstartupbash event last night was AWESOME! #Flobots rocked @NewsGator is thrilled to have friends in the HOOD!Anita Taylor
Great to see Denver startups come together and build community. thanks @FullContactAPI + others makin it happen! #denverstartupbashMarshall Custer
Awesome to bump into @Uber_Denver last night. Thanks for the gift card! #denverstartupbash http://pic.twitter.com/gH06qRvVMathew Sisson
Thank you @FullContactAPI for putting together #DenverStartUpBash. We had a great time! The @flobots were awesome http://pic.twitter.com/M9nI9ysmWayin
@bfeld should be proud! #DenverStartupBash was the quintessential example of "Creating a Great Entrepreneurial Ecosystem" @startuprevJason Lewis
Flobots and $40K #DenverStartupBash launches Denver Startup Week http://blogs.denverpost.com/techknowbytes/2012/09/07/denver-startup-week-website-launched/6240/ @denverpostFullContact