Local devs crush HackDenver 24-hour API challenge

An API free-for-all this weekend launched mobile apps to mine contact list intelligence, track stock market sentiment, wage a real-time battle on I-70 ski traffic and more.

HackDenver was a co-production of FullContact and AT&T Developer Program division. API hacks featured AlchemyAPI, AT&T, FullContact, Layer 7 Technologies, MapQuest and Send Grid. Tiggzi provided teams with a cloud-based mobile app development platform.

Hack Denver

Hack Denver.com was a co-production of Full Contact and AT&T. It featured API hacks produced with Alchemy API, Send Grid, Mapquest, Layer 7, AT&T and/or Full Contact and prototyped on Tiggzi. Aug. 17-18, 2012 at Uncubed.

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Hack Denver : Friday, Aug. 17 
Denver: Build with http://developer.mapquest.com at http://hackdenver.com and this stack of cash could be yours. #HackDenver http://twitpic.com/akoteiMapQuest Technology
Full Contact’s Dan Lynn on how to win a hackathontheupstart.co
@Danklynn : How to win a #hackathon – Keep it lean..Find unique advantage.. Fair Early. Fail Often.. Finish! –#HackDenver @FullContactAppideavist
Getting a head start at HackDenvertheupstart.co
@tekhneCO : how to give 30sec pitch at #hackathon – Keep it short, make it logical, and what skills do you need? – #hackdenverideavist
Robbie gives the run down on the Full Contact APItheupstart.co
Alchemy API explains semantic text analysistheupstart.co
#hackdenver is well underway. Ideas are flowing and team are forming already. Exciting stuff!Travis Nelson
Heads down on HackDenver Day Onetheupstart.co
Denver Founder Meetup’s Josh Churliktheupstart.co
Jason and Mark catch up about Code4Communitiestheupstart.co
Great turnout at #HackDenver tonight! Who will emerge victorious in 24 hours?MapQuest Technology
First Hackathon. #hackdenverDegotelo
Fashion statement
Would you call those man capris? “@mbernier: I am very unofficially declaring this the dress code of #hackdenver http://pic.twitter.com/iuLtmTMF”TJ Hucka
Full Contact tees also make stylish scarfstheupstart.co
HackDenver loves Pop Chips!theupstart.co
Getting caffeinated for the long night ahead at HackDenvertheupstart.co
Hack Denver sponsor Alchemy API proudly sports a Full Contact teetheupstart.co
HackDenver powered by sugartheupstart.co
AT&T’s Alex Donn approves of HackDenvertheupstart.co
Happy HackDenver audiencetheupstart.co
Justin sports best t-shirt evertheupstart.co
Jeremy Turner clutches 600 bucks in cash for Mapquest API winnertheupstart.co
MapQuest just pitched their API at #HackDenver. It went like: “Cash. I got it you can win it <holds up $600 in blue bundles>”. Convincing.Andy E.
Robbie organizes hackathons and does tech supporttheupstart.co
We’re about to present our api at #HackDenver, packed house.AlchemyAPI
#HackDenver night 1, Brent card presenting our apis. http://via.me/-45y5mg8AlchemyAPI
#HackDenver teams: Using Node.js? Check out this AlchemyAPI SDK for Node.js ! #nlprocAlchemyAPI
#HackDenver Objective-C fans, here’s a SDK you can use: https://github.com/YellinBen/ObjectiveAlchemy #nlprocAlchemyAPI
@devevangelist giving demo of @fullcontactapp ~ #hackdenver #hackathon @uncubed @ Uncubed http://instagr.am/p/Oc4t3-IEBx/ideavist
Alex Gaber pitches Layer 7 APIstheupstart.co
Max demos mobile app builder, Tiggzi.comtheupstart.co
Scattered contact lists is a huge problemtheupstart.co
@MaxKatz giving live demo of @Tiggzi at #HackDenver @uncubed – #hackathon #mobileapps @ Uncubed http://instagr.am/p/Oc5Yi9oECX/ideavist
Just watched @maxkatz build an app with @tiggzi at #hackdenver. Nice tool for rapid prototyping and building mobile!!Greg Davis
OMG I dunno any code & I built my 1st #mobileapp ever in 2hrs w/ @tiggziapps & @FullContactAPI at #HackDenver – TNX @MaxKatz @devevangelistideavist
HackDenver – 20120818theupstart.co
Big thanks to @uncubed. A venue with great WiFi is hard to find. #HackDenver http://pic.twitter.com/tvR4GPAsMapQuest Technology
The senseis and me
Hack Denver sensei Greg and Tekhne’s Wendy grab some keyboard timetheupstart.co
Senseis Aaron and Matt check-in at HackDenvertheupstart.co
Alchemy API’s Audrey chats with HackDenver Sensei Matttheupstart.co
HackDenver sensei Kevin kicks backtheupstart.co
PHP Sensei Matt gives some advicetheupstart.co
HackDenver senseis convergetheupstart.co
HackDenver – 20120818theupstart.co
Hack Denver : Saturday, Aug. 18
#HackDenver day 2 is open for business. Come on down to @uncubed and get an early start! http://pic.twitter.com/jFCDmQCbRobbie Jack
Day 2 of #HackDenver has already well underway. By the power of Red Bull…I have the power!Travis Nelson
How to build am app in 20hrs! #hackdenver the @GoldRathTech team @JonHemstreet @thinkclay @shanestrong05 @oliviascarb13 http://pic.twitter.com/S9eaJzvNWilliam Golde
Tacos and rails at #HackDenver http://yfrog.com/h3788vubjtekhneCO
Team Nomobi builds a beacon app to find nearby GitHub devstheupstart.co
Applying design to the personal trainer apptheupstart.co
Aiko gives a thumbs up on a personal trainer apptheupstart.co
Working on the personal trainer apptheupstart.co
#hackdenver app in less than 24 hours on @dribbble: http://drbl.in/eWxbchase courington
#hackdenver victory, 1st team done, with 3 hours to spare. http://pic.twitter.com/U9Cp5m7mTravis Todd
Team Open Perks huddlestheupstart.co
incredible OAuth and iOS expertise from @its_damo, very impressive !! #hackdenver #atthack @Layer7Alex Gaber
Team KloudRoot gets down to business on Connectivity apptheupstart.co
Sales PlanR uses Tiggzi for response UItheupstart.co
Some cool apps being built here at #HackDenver and some repeat offenders from #code4communities :-) http://pic.twitter.com/W9KAWI7rJason Lally
#hackdenver almost over: been a good time, lots learned, good laughs. Though ready to stop and crash.Andrew Corliss
#hackdenver demo time! (with @Penguin at @uncubed) — http://path.com/p/2TOGV2John Wilker
@penguin caught red-handed at the candy countertheupstart.co
Watching the first demo from a #hackdenver team. Love having awesome folks here doing awesome thingsuncubed
Pencils down, time’s up! Now for demos… #HackDenverMapQuest Technology
255 Ideas: Inputting on a mobile device sucks. Type an idea > SendGrid API > Reminder to complete the note. #hackDenvertekhneCO
Team 255 Ideas preps their app demotheupstart.co
#HackDenver idea people pay attention, http://255ideas.com http://via.me/-479sml2AlchemyAPI
Connectology by Team @Kloudroot. Matches social media users w/ nonprofits causes via @AlchemyAPI @FullContactAPI @SendGrid @ATT #hackdenvertekhneCO
Create beacon to locate and create ad hoc meetings with other devs in your proximity via @Github and Twitter API. #hackdenvertekhneCO
Mark Scheel pitches HackDenver winner Contact Peaktheupstart.co
Contact Peek: Native Android app to mine your address book, creates relational scores via @FullContact API. Now on Google Play. #hackdenvertekhneCO
Contact Peek demo wins over judges with concept, execution and styletheupstart.co
El Camino: Take photo of biz card, email it to cards@fullcontact.com. MTurker creates vcard from @FullContactAPI. #hackdenvertekhneCO
Stock Notify wrangles 4 APIs and Couch DBtheupstart.co
Adventure: Augmented reality app uses @AlchemyAPI to create or explore local adventures via @Mapquest. #hackdenvertekhneCO
Adventure app by Team Arrae Creative combines MasterCard and Mapquest APIstheupstart.co
William pitches augmented reality app, Adventuretheupstart.co
Adventure App – create and share adventures, ie a "pub crawl" lets you pre-pay for drinks at the pubs using the #MasterCardAPI #hackdenverAlex Gaber
Open Law: Wiki to condense legal content (legislation, ToS) into layman terms & contact authors via @alchemyapi @fullcontactapi. #hackdenvertekhneCO
OpenLaw – shows you detail on laws and the people that wrote them via @fullcontactapi built using @tiggzi /cc @maxkatz #hackdenverAlex Gaber
Open Law translates complex text into layman’s terms with semantic analysistheupstart.co
Stock Notify: Real time stock sentiment notification. Listens to new $ hashtag via @AlchemyAPI. @SendGrid @ATT @FullContactAPI. #hackdenvertekhneCO
Watching presentation for #HackDenver app @StockNotify app. Cool use of @AlchemyAPI sentiment API to identify stock market buy/sell signalsElliot Turner
Sales Planner: Field data and biz intel for sales pros via @FullContactAPi @Mapquest + bonus workflow checklist. #hackdenvertekhneCO
Sales PlanR – field sales tablet app built using @tiggzi using @fullcontactapi and @mapquestAPI #hackdenver #atthackAlex Gaber
HackDenver 20120818theupstart.co
Get2Ski: Maps best route to avoid I-70 traffic to Vail + Breckenridge ski slopes via @Mapquest @ColoradoDOT @FullContact geoloc. #hackdenvertekhneCO
Get2Ski combines Mapquest API and CDOT XML to map best routes to slopestheupstart.co
last up! OpenPerks -pulls Offers data from the #MasterCard API and easy redeeming through bar codes /cc @danatmastercard @Layer7 #hackdenverAlex Gaber
Open Perks’ 1D barcode eases redeeming deals and loyalty rewards at point of saletheupstart.co
Open Perks: Consolidates daily deals, loyalty rewards and creates scanner readable 1D barcode at point of sale via #MasterCard. #hackdenvertekhneCO
This cash will be changing hands soon at #HackDenver http://flic.kr/p/cU8q79Jeremy Tanner
Friday Night HackDenver, 2012Jeremy Tanner
Team Connect Peak wins 1st place at HackDenvertheupstart.co
Team Stock Notify celebrates its Alchemy API wintheupstart.co
Team Nomabi ties for 3rd place overall at HackDenvertheupstart.co
Team Adventure tie for 3rd place at HackDenvertheupstart.co
Alex congratulates Team Open Perks on Layer 7 API challenge wintheupstart.co
Team Get2Ski proudly flashes Mapquest API cash win from Jeremy Tannertheupstart.co
Team Kloud Root wins AT&T API prize for Connectologytheupstart.co
Team 255 Ideas wins Send Grid API challengetheupstart.co
One-man Team Sales PlanR wins Tiggzi challengetheupstart.co
Team Open Law wins 3rd place for Tiggzi challengetheupstart.co
Congrats @FullContactAPI @devevangelist for your successful #HackDenver event look forward to building this community more!Jason Lally
Wish I had some cash money right now like @virtualandy. I’ll take the hella gift cards that we got though for our stock picker. #hackdenverTravis Nelson
Congrats to @StockNotify for winning the @AlchemyAPI prize at #HackDenver!Elliot Turner
3rd place at #hackdenver! Wooooo go team! @thinkclay @JonHemstreet @shanestrong05 and @jiran. Nailed it!William Golde
Had a great time working with @icdodos – he might’ve saved get2ski single handledly! thanks dude will see ya soon I’m sure. #hackdenverAndy E.
Big ups to @fullcontactapi’s @devevangelist & @att’s @alex_donn for hugely successful #hackdenver #atthack event. Bar is now set very high.tekhneCO

Apps developed and presented at HackDenver include:

225 Ideas – Send Grid API winner
Log ideas on your phone. Use the Send Grid API to email reminder to complete the note.

Adventure – 3rd place overall [tie] Augmented reality app for local adventures. Built in Titanium. APIs: MapQuest and Layer 7 MasterCard Deals.

Connectology – AT&T API winner
Matchmaking app for social media user seeking nonprofit causes created by staff of KloudRoot. Built in Java, Axis and PostgresDB. APIs: FullContact, AlchemyAPI, AT&T SMS, MapQuest and Layer 7 MasterCard Deals.
Team: Cam, David, Jake, Kyle, Niki, Stephen, Tegan, Zach and Zack

Contact Peek – 1st place overall
Native Android app to mine your address book, creates relational scores via @FullContact API. Available at Google Play.
Team: Mark Scheel, Digital Construction and Mike Lockwitz, Lock Dev

El Camino
Mechanical Turk workers create vcards from emailed photos of business cards. Built in Ruby on Rails. API: FullContact.
Team: FullContact staff
[Ed. note: This team was not eligible for prizes and did not present at the demo]

Nomabi – 3rd place overall [tie] Mobile app creates beacon to locate other developers in local proximity for ad hoc meetings and meaningful collaboration. Built in Ruby on Rails, jQuery and MongoDB. APIs: FullContact, Twitter and GitHub.
Team: Bill, Chase, Corey, Dan and Levi

Stock Notify – AlchemyAPI winner, 2nd place overall and 2nd place best use of Tiggzi
Provides real time stock sentiment notification by listening to Twitter’s new $ hashtag. Built in Tiggzi, Node.js, Heroku and CouchDB. APIs: Alchemy API, AT&T SMS, Send Grid and FullContact.
Team: Drew, Jim, Luca, Max and Travis

Get2Ski – Mapquest API winner
Integrates live traffic data to maps best route to avoid I-70 traffic to Vail + Breckenridge ski slopes. Built in Ruby on Rails, jQuery, Phone Gap, Javascript and HTML5. APIs: Mapquest, FullContact geo location and ColoradoDOT XML.
Team: Andy, Ian and Tom

Open Law – 3rd place best use of Tiggzi
Mobile wiki that crowdsources legal content, e.g,, legislation and Terms of Services, into layman terms. Integrates email links to contact content authors. Built in Tiggzi, Python and Pyramid. APIs: AlchemyAPI, FullContact, OpenStates.org.
Team: David, Jeremy and John

Open Perks – Layer 7 MasterCard API winner
Aggregates daily deal and loyalty reward programs. Converts coupon bar code into scannable 1D image to redeem at point of sale. Built in Objective-C and SDK. API: Layer 7 MasterCard Deals.
Team: Andy, Damien, Justin and Malina

Sales PlanR – 1st place best use of Tiggzi
Tablet app that provides field data and business intelligence for sales pros plus bonus workflow checklist. Built in Tiggzi. APIs: FullContact and Mapquest