Secret street map data, risky cycling routes best Denver civic hackathon

Hacking more liveable communities was the theme of Denver’s first civic hackathon. Six teams participated in the Code For Communities contest and the competition was fierce.

Event organizer hosted the three-day event July 27-29 at Denver coworking space, Uncubed.

With the success of the inaugural event, they’re already committed to a new civic hackers Meetups in the coming months. Follow them on Twitter at @theplacematters and #code4communities.

Code For Communities

Six teams participated in Denver’s first civic hackathon, Code For Communities, at Uncubed July 29, 2012. Event organizer will be hosting Meetups in the coming months. Follow them @theplacematters and #code4communities

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The teams, their projects and hacker fuel
Good morning #code4communities #youreadyforthis @uncubed Lally
Get a sneak peak at the apps underway at #code4communities Lally
We already got a Github repo, skype group, google drive collaboration and a #cloud serv w/ #linux. #code4communities @theplacematters ✩ Levi Beers ✩
@thinkclay rocks out 600 lines of js last night after we got home. #dedication #teammates #code4communities ✩ Levi Beers ✩
Taking a moment from hacking at #code4communities Gryth
SendGrid is to hackathons as …
We’re out for that #TigerBlood. #code4communities (@ Uncubed) ✩ Levi Beers ✩
@LeviBeers @JonHemstreet @thinkclay They are waiting for you boys! #code4communities Dowlati
#code4communities. currently we are low on bing. no one is still there. checking seven11s for our cherry love. Team #WillCodeForBing ✩ Levi Beers ✩
Super impressed with my team, especially @dmiller89. MyFairElection making progress! #Code4Communities (ps super many thanks @cfloth)Karen Suhaka
Hacking public
Thanks @BrettDanger for stepping in and helping with the #python #pyramid install. #Code4CommunitiesCurtis Floth
Good morning #code4communities Lally
Worked hard for the past 2 days w/ @JiranDowlati @thinkclay @LeviBeers deving #EndPoint excited to see everyones hard work #code4communitiesJon Hemstreet
11 total Global Spatial DB’s, standardized w/ API. A handsome UI. 121,995 data points. 2 1/2 days. #datafacts #code4communities #Endpoint ✩ Levi Beers ✩
Loading #TeamEtc’s last GIS dataset. API working GREAT thks 2 @thinkclay. Linking back-end to front-end in 10 minutes. #code4communities ✩ Levi Beers ✩
Neighborhood mapping
Thinking up new ideas for #Code4Communities finishing push today. Rested and rearin’ to go!Karen Suhaka
Code For Communities
Test sync from @DRCOGorg catalog to @OpenColorado successful. Now syncing to #code4communitiesAllan Glen
@JiranDowlati you’re doing it wrong. Down with green, up with #BINGDrink @thinkclay @LeviBeers #code4communities Hemstreet
Getting our food truck on at #code4communities @mannafoodtruck Lally
Awesome warning sign on the food truck for the #code4communities hackathon.. We’re not that tired. Yet. Glen
<—– rockin’ a #codebeard @ #code4communities ✩ Levi Beers ✩
#Greatweekend at #code4communities can’t wait to keep going on project.Andrew Corliss
Getting it done at #code4communities
Awesome to see everyones projects after a long week of hard work had an awesome weekend at #code4communities can’t wait until the next one!Jon Hemstreet
Building in
#amazing what hours of coding and few hours of sleep can do for you. #code4communitiesAndrew Corliss
Making good progress, if we can finish this its going to take till the last minute. #code4communities ✩ Levi Beers ✩
We’re well over 1,000 lines of code today and 110,000 GIS records. We’re close. #code4communities ✩ Levi Beers ✩
Amazing weekend working on w/ @shilor & @iharwick at #code4communities @OpenColorado @PlaceMattersoza klanjsek
@bingdrink How many Bings can be drank before your head explodes? #code4communities @thinkclay @LeviBeers @JiranDowlati Hemstreet
Wow! A White House tech adviser weighs in on Code For Communities over the phone
Code for Livability Rocks On | White House: @whitehouse cc @galvanize #code4communities white house showing us love!!Tony Mugavero
DC says
Nice write up of what we have been up to here, and why. #code4communities
The final demos

Demo time at #code4communities. The best part of any hackathon!Brandon West
“Awesome! Keep up the great work! @theplacematters: Official Hack Facts for 7-28-12 5pm #code4communities”Michele Hovet
Lots of great apps being built. Who will be the winner? Presentations and the fun begin at 3:30. #code4communitiesOpenColorado
Competition presentations about to begin. Much excitement at #code4communities!BillTrack50
FourSquare for
Rocking the #code4communities hackathon with @SmoodlePhil Hickey
Beer courtesy of Pivotal
The free market of
%&$#* database
EndPoint maps your
@radroute … awesome work team! #code4communitiesJustin Lewis
Bike thefts in
Judges huddle following the
Code for Communities
A very good question. Any takers on a response?
How do we get the urgency from sink-or-swim startup culture into public projects without the profit motive? #code4communitiesDavid Van Duzer
Curious if it’s only the profit motive that distinguishes commercially-oriented startup hackathons from gatherings with a civic angle?
I like a model building on casual, but consistent cooperation. Write the code that writes the code. Less work more often. #code4communitiesDavid Van Duzer
The startup pitch style of presentation at #code4communities is interesting. Other models for public/private partnership, though?David Van Duzer
And the winners are …
EndPoint wins!
@LeviBeers @JonHemstreet @JiranDowlati @thinkclay CONGRATULATIONS GENTLEMEN… WE WON TOP SPOT!!!!!!! #code4communities ✩ Levi Beers ✩
RadRoute takes 2nd
Great advice from the judges– don’t waste time showing registration/login; we believe you. #code4communities #hackathonsBrandon West
Love that @uncubed caters to the Startup Community, pls check them out if you need space. #code4communities Rossi
Huge thanks to @BINGdrink , @popchipsco , Pablo’s Coffee, and Oogave for helping sponsor #code4communities event Rossi
The apps at the #code4communities hackathon are incredible!Justin Lewis
@JonHemstreet @thinkclay @JiranDowlati I want to thank the 3 of you. I’ve never hacked beside better ppl. #AmazingTalents #code4communities ✩ Levi Beers ✩
Great time this weekend at #code4communities. All the teams did great and put in an incredible effort.Brian Gryth
Thx @synchronouscity & @theplacematters for organizing "Thank you to everyone that participated in #code4communities … "Allan Glen
Check out @radroute at a #code4communities winner.Brian Gryth
@LeviBeers: yes @radroute Rad Route is pretty fly & so is #endpoint. Job well done to you, #code4communities king.Brian Gryth
@jonrrossi @bing @FullContactAPI @SendGrid @theplacematters We loved being a part of the action! #code4communitiesGalvanize
Great demos at #code4communities in Denver. Thanks for letting us be a part of such an awesome event! ^bwSendGrid
Next big thing for Denver
Civic hackers
Thank you thank you to everyone that participated in #code4communities & congrats to EndPoint and RadRoutes!Jason Lally
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The apps developed at the hackathon include:

Get all the relevant information about the street you’re on: crime data, median housing, demographic, etc. Team: Clay, Levi, Jon and Jiran.

Crowdsource parking demand and supply including pricing through gamification. Team: Vui, Andrew and George.

Make voting on election day transparent: rate polling facilities, check in and check out, take pictures and share with friends. Team: Karen, Cole, David, Philip, David and Curtis.

Crowdsource the quality of bike routes to use in making routes better. Team: Mehdi, Jeremy, Mark, Michael and Justin.

Transit Trends
Visualize access to transit based on frequency and location and look at changes to routes over time using historic GTFS data. Team: Laura, David, Jim and David.

Clearing house of cycling information for the City of Denver and maybe beyond. Team: Shilo, Oza and
Ian. [Ed. note: This team did not present at the demo]