Collective lubricant and love velcro. BSW12 gets sexy.

Online dating startup co-founder Jeff Ullman | Michael McCleary for Tekhne

Collaborative lubricant. UI/UX. Ruby on Rails. Wireframes. Twitter Bootstrap. The Funnel. Python. Love Velcro.

Just a number of the topics and discussions overheard so far this week at BSW12.

Collaborative lubricant? Really? Let me tell you when that phrase slipped from the lips of a developer, actually amongst a pack of developers, we all busted a gut because the phrase was so telling and so true. BSW12 is full of collaborative lubricant. Whether its a Q&A an open hackfest, meetups, big night time events and parties, or even craft beers over lunch at a tech start-up headquarters, BSW12 is the tech version of the Sundance Film Festival for tech geeks, Gods, Godesses and the new kids on the block.

You can quite literally feel the “love velcro” across the city this week.

“Actually I like to call it the Velcro of Love,” says motivational listener A.J. Pape. “It’s more something you plug in.”

So I stand corrected, Velcro of Love it is.

The past two days I’ve felt the collaborative lubricant in most everyone I’ve met. Okay… I just had to have an excuse to use the phrase again, but I bet you can probably understand what I’m sharing. BSW12 offers a “who’s who” of all the the tech leaders, startups, developers and entrepreneurs from across Colorado.

Next on my list I’ll be creating wireframes for an amazing UI/UX experience using twitter bootstrap while coding with Python and sending it all through the funnel to deliver an incredible app with ruby on rails through an astounding level of collaborative lubricant. Its all in the love velcro my friends.

Drop by Boulder through Saturday for free events across the city at BSW12.